How I’m Beating Juniper Pollen This Week


Christmas prepping is in full swing here, but this has nothing to do with Christmas.

In fact, unless you live in Texas, you might find this a little strange, but hang with me.

We {finally!} moved out to the mobile home we’ve been renovating the week of Thanksgiving.

We love it! The kids were convinced they would hate it – you know how it is with kids, they get attached to the house they know – but even they loved it within two days.

It’s small, but it’s ours.

The problem started the first night.

My sinuses started clogging up big time.

I was afraid that would happen because, you see, we’re surrounded by juniper trees.

Photo shows a dirt road surrounded by rows of Juniper trees

A healthy body should be able to defend itself against seasonal allergies, but even the healthiest body can only take so much before the pollen starts to slip past its defenses.

And have you seen a juniper tree get hit by a gust of wind? You can literally see the cloud of pollen get swept from the tree branches into the air.

So yeah, that first night in our lovely new home was miserable.

But it got better, right?

I wish. The next few nights were more of the same. I found myself waking up every morning at 3:30 AM because my sinuses would get so itchy that I couldn’t sleep, so I started this early morning routine of walking to the other end of the house, checking on the kids, then going back to bed…. and not being able to get back to sleep.

Then, one night, as I walked past the rack of essential oils hanging on the wall, it hit me: I hadn’t even tried to help my body fight this!

All that moving must have messed with my head.

So I grabbed the roller bottle of Breathe Again blend and rubbed it on my throat and chest, thinking it couldn’t hurt anything.

Image shows a hand holding a bottle of Young Living Breathe Again

And within five minutes, I was sound asleep.

So now I have a new routine; Put Breathe Again on before bed, sleep soundly until I  wake up to check on the kids, reapply my oils at about 3:30, then go right back to sleep.

I’ll admit, even though I’ve been using essential oils for a few years now, I was a little bit blown away by how effective the Breath Again blend is. I’m the world’s biggest skeptic, so it took me several nights and some experimenting to admit that the little roller bottle was the reason I was able to sleep again.

But it’s hard to go wrong with eucalyptus, peppermint, and rose hip, and blue cypress oils. <– that’s the ingredient list for those who want to make their own blend.

Seasonal allergies in the middle of December? Yep. Welcome to Texas. We’ll be using our springtime essential oil recipes all year long thankyouverymuch.

I can’t tell you how thankful I am for natural remedies to help support myself and my family, and it’s good to know that we’ll have some powerful help come spring with the pollen really kicks in, so I just wanted to share.

Merry Christmas!

Image shows a row of Young Living Essential Oils with text that reads "Learn More About Essential Oils Here"

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