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Homemade Sunburn Pain Relief


Remember when you were a kid and used to play outside in the summer sun for hours at a time? Remember how bad those sunburns were when you forgot to wear your sunblock?

Or maybe you’re one of the lucky ones who tan.

I’m not! And boy, do those sunburns hurt!

Now that I’m an adult, I don’t seem to burn as easily anymore, but my kids – now that’s a different story altogether.

I try (really, really try) to remember to slather them with homemade sunscreen before they go out, but sometimes the ol’ mom brain takes over, and I forget.

So this recipe is for them, poor things. (Well, mostly. You can use it too). It’s very similar to itch relief spray, and in fact, I dare say the two are pretty much interchangeable.

The big difference is in the addition of fractionated coconut oil. Here are two things you need to know about that: First off, while the oil is helpful, I’m betting that this spray would still work without it. So if you don’t have fractionated coconut oil, and don’t want to splurge on it, just make it without, or try using another carrier oil such as grape seed.

Secondly, I am a die-hard user of Young Living essential oils. I didn’t start off that way, and frankly, I was one of those “yeah, they smell nice, but they don’t really do you any good” users until I did try Young Living. It was that time I burned my mouth on some insanely hot food, and it was a sample packet of Young Living’s lavender oil mixed in water that finally took the pain away. I’m sold. And frankly, I wouldn’t put another brand of oil in my mouth. Seed to Seal y’all.

Okay, On to the recipe then!

Image shows a blue spray bottle on a table with text that reads "Sunburn Relief Spray"

Homemade Sunburn pain Relief



  1. Add all ingredients to a spray bottle. Glass spray bottles are awesome, but you can get a plastic one for a dollar or less at the dollar store or Walmart, and that’s what I’m using – for now, at least until my glass bottles come in.
  2. Shake to mix before each use.
  3. Spray liberally over sunburned skin.

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  1. Hi, I just wanted to share that I have read that if you want to use plastic with essential oils that it needs to be PET plastic or the EOs will degrade it, and then you end up with a contaminated mixture. Just thought I would share in case you did not know. Thank you for sharing your blend.
    Best, Laura

    1. Lavender is really soothing, so I highly recommend it, but yes, I would just leave it out and see how that works. 🙂

  2. Hi, just wondering if this needs to be refridgerated? From what i have researched the plain aloe vera juice or gel needs refridgerated but i am not sure about when it is used in other products.
    Thank you!

    1. It’s best if it’s refrigerated, but the essential oils have a preservative effect, so I don’t worry about letting it sit out say, when we’re at the beach.

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