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My Top 5 Essential Oils For Spring


Ah, Spring, how I love you! the weather starts getting warm, we get a few thunderstorms – which I love! – the trees and grass turn green, flowers start blooming… and there’s pollen everywhere.

Image shows three small bottles of oil on a table, with text that reads "Your Top 5 Springtime Essential Oils"

That part, I don’t love. I doubt very many of us do.

With that in mind, I have two main goals when I diffuse or apply essential oils in the spring: to smell like spring and to support my family’s health against the effects of pollen (is that an FDA-approved way to say that?).

For skin application, probably the most famous and easiest essential oil blend is Young Living’s Breathe Again roll-on. Just roll it on your chest and/or neck, and you start to feel the effects on your air passages right away.

But for the sake of this article, I’m going to be listing a bunch of essential oil singles, rather than blends, because a.) making your own concoctions is more fun, and b.) not everyone uses Young Living (although, for my part, I’m firmly convinced that they’re the best EO company out there!).

So here we go:

Essential Oils For Springtime

Photo shows three vials of essential oils with text that reads "Springtime Essential Oils"

Peppermint. This one has to be at the top of the list. It smells cheery and invigorating – just like a springtime oil should – and, well, we all know how wonderful peppermint is for sinuses and throats. I love to diffuse peppermint, as well as wear it on my diffuser necklace or bracelet. It can also be diluted with fractionated coconut oil and applied to the chest and throat area.

Lavender is called the “Swiss army knife” of oil for good reason, plus its relaxing floral scent makes it perfect for springtime. It’s one of my favorites to diffuse in the evening – sometimes with orange oil for added aroma happiness. I love using lavender oil in my homemade baby lotion.

Lemon supports the lymphatic system and helps the body deal with respiratory conditions. Plus, it’s a bright and happy scent, which in turn, makes me happy to use it! You’ll want to be careful about applying lemon oil to your skin before going out into the sun (citrus oils are photosensitive), but it’s also a great addition to your diffuser jewelry and your home diffuser.

LLP. I listed the three above oils first because mixed together, they’re a powerhouse springtime blend, often referred to simply as “LLP.” We diffuse it so often this time of year that, for me, this is what springtime smells like. I highly recommend a blend of 5 drops of lavender, 4 drops of lemon, and three drops of peppermint in your home diffuser or diluted with a carrier oil in a roll-on bottle. Simply roll it onto your chest and neck.

Eucalyptus oil helps open up lungs and sinuses, which improves circulation and helps the body process pollen (and the other allergens), thereby reducing the symptoms. To use it, simply add it to your diffuser jewelry, your home diffuser, or apply it directly after diluting it with a carrier oil (are we seeing a theme here?). Eucalyptus sugar scrub is also a huge favorite of mine!

Tea Tree oil is highly antiseptic and kills the airborne pathogens that cause allergies. Ergo, diffusing it in your home = winning. It can also be applied to the skin to kill microorganisms and bacteria. It’s a powerhouse oil!

After we moved to Texas – in fact, both times we moved to Texas, I thought I knew all about seasonal allergies and hoped that leaving the foliage in the eastern part of the United States behind would be a step in the right direction to alleviating them, Nope. Everything’s bigger in Texas, and that includes allergies. 😛

Being one of those people who has refused to take over-the-counter drugs for most of my conscious life, I really don’t know what I’d do without essential oils to help support my body against springtime discomforts.

They are such a blessing!

If you’ve never used Young Living essential oils, I encourage you to read more about them and then order a starter kit here (of course!).

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