Whole30 Week 3 Meal Plan and Grocery List


Woohoo! We made it through week 3!

I mentioned last week that the kids had been sick at the beginning of the week. The active sickness only lasted one day for each of them, but what I didn’t realize until two days ago, was that their appetites took more than a week to recover.

Image shows several photos for Whole30 meals with the text "Whole 30 Week 3 Printable Menu Plan and Shopping List"

I though the kids had really adapted and were just not as hungry anymore.

Nope. As of two days ago, Garrett is back to eating us out of house and home. And he’s only five.

Send help.

His go-to snack is almond butter and apples. I ordered a five pound bag of almonds through amazon a few weeks ago near the beginning of our Whole30, and we’ve been using those to make our own almond butter for about half the price of pre-made butter. Woot!

It’s super easy, and surprisingly fast to do in the food processor. The Ninja blender didn’t work at all. The nut meal just got stuck in the sides, and I must have scraped that thing down 20 times, and still no butter.

I don’t even know why we have that thing.

So. Grocery shopping. this week was a little crazy. We picked up our first ever Zaycon Fresh order on Monday, and now sport 40 pounds of chicken in our freezer – that should last a while!

Image shows a bag of chicken in a cooler sitting next to a package of plastic bags

Zaycon saves enough money on chicken that it’s worth driving to a town a little farther away to get it, and that town has an Aldi.

Ground beef at Aldi happened to be on sale, so I picked up twenty pounds of that just for good measure. Unfortunately, it turned out not to be such a great measure, because Gabe and I both agree that it shrinks worse even than Walmart’s beef. Boo!

Image shows items needed for Whole30 meal planning, including ground beef, broccoli and pineapple

But at least we won’t need to buy meat again for a while.

Because of all this, and the incredible amount of produce we’ve been getting from our local grocery store’s throw away box, I probably won’t buy any groceries next week except, perhaps, for some spinach and sweet potatoes.

Which brings us to This week’s meal plan.

Image shows the Whole30 Weekly meal plan



  • pork loin, zucchini and yellow squash “noodles” with Italian diced tomatoes (I roasted the pork loin, but it into serving portions, and served with zoodle/sauce on top at the church potluck. yum!)
  • hamburgers, sweet potato hash browns, salad
  • southwestern omelet, steamed broccoli
  • hamburger, cabbage stir-fry
  • eggs salad wraps using Wholesome Yum’s Paleo Tortillas (they’re closer to crepes, but they work!)
  • Tuna, apples, almond butter (packed lunch to eat while we were working on the house)
  • Southwestern Breakfast Bowl



Image shows chicken in casserole dishes along with some greens and canned goods and the text "Whole30 Week 4 Meal Plan and Food Prep"

Image shows a sample of a weekly Whole 30 meal plan


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