Whole30 Week 2 Menu Plan And Shopping List


Week two of the Whole30 is in the bag! Woot!

This week, I haven’t been as hungry – it makes me feel like I’m doing something wrong, but more likely, I’m guess that’s a good thing.

Whole30 Week 2 Menu Plan And Shopping List

Neither have the kids, but I chalk that up to them getting the flu at the end of last week and beginning of this week. Now that Garrett has fully recovered, he’s back to eating us out of house and home.

Still, they both did pretty well. It’s hard for them, going into the grocery store and seeing all the goodies on display. They’ve quit asking “mom, can we get that?!” And started asking “mom, do those cookies have dairy in them? What about grain?”

Poor things.

I feel bad making them say no to yummy food, and yes to broccoli and asparagus, but at the same time, I have to remember why we’re doing this:

  • Food allergies run in my husband’s family
  • Garrett has dark circles under his eyes all the time, and keratosis pilaris, both of which may be hereditary.

I may go down as the most paranoid mom in the world, but at least I’ll have tried.

Whole30 Week 2 Menu Plan And Shopping List: groceries for the week

This week, I didn’t buy very many vegetables, partly because I had so many leftover from the last few weeks, and because well, the local grocery store throws away a lot of perfectly good stuff, and Gabriel came home with this box a few days ago:

Whole30 Week 2 Menu Plan And Shopping List: what we got for nearly free

While the yellow squash is bruised, it’s still perfectly good underneath.

He also brought home a big box of apples – good apples!

And then, there’s the meat.

My husband doesn’t regulate his meat intake. If I have meat thawing, he will often fry himself a burger for a snack in the afternoon – part of the joy of working from home. 🙂

But because of all that, I decided to go back to buying the cheap ground beef – for now. I hate, hate, hate all that grease, but squeezing the cooked beef between paper towels helps a lot, and we do have plans to raise a cow the year – yay!

Any way, on to the menu!

don’t forget that you can sign up below for printable versions of the menu plan, and the list for the recipes it includes.

Whole30 Week 2 Menu Plan And Shopping List: with printables!


  • Whole30 banana muffins with ghee
  • sausage, grapefruit
  • leftover frittata (used as crust for a fritatta/quiche)
  • Sausage, Grapefruit
  • Banana Pancakes
  • Sausage, Grapefruit
  • Leftover egg pizza muffins

I know that the muffins and pancakes don’t follow the spirit of the Whole30, but I felt bad for the kids, so I made them.

You may also notice that we started eating sausage – homemade from the ground beef you see in the picture above – and eggs for lunch.

That’s because I’ve given up eating breakfast, I’ve been practicing intermittent fasting for a long time, and I tried to start eating breakfast again for the sake of doing a true Whole30, but after three days, I gave up. I tend to stay pretty busy during the morning, and don’t like to stop to eat.


Now that we have whole30 ranch dressing, salads are becoming more of a staple. I LOVE good, hearty salads – chicken or ground beef, olives, bell peppers, boiled eggs, avocados – yum! And they’re super easy. A great staple!


Confession: the kids hated the orange chicken. Hated it! I ended up eating it pretty much by myself while they ate unseasoned chicken – and I didn’t even like it that much, but that could be partly because of all the modifications I made to make it Whole30 approved. Who knows.

On the other hand, the chili-lime chicken was a hit!


  • Apples
  • Almonds
  • Cashews
  • Olives
  • green smoothies
  • freeze-dried strawberries and mango (so good! almost like candy!)
  • Sweet potato chips

I need to find a more efficient way to make sweet potato chips! Laying them all out on a cookie sheet and flipping them half way through baking is tedious. A lot of people swear by the microwave, but mine barely works, therefore, I put it in the storage shed for emergencies – although, I have no idea what emergency would need a microwave. 😉

There you have it! don’t forget to sign up below for access to all the printables!

Whole30 week 3 menu plan with FREE printables!

Whole30 week four meal and food prep plan. This saved me so much time cooking this week!


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  1. I’ve tried the three ingredient banana pancakes before. My family hated them. They tasted too “eggy.” Is there a trick to these? I’d love to eat pancakes guilt-free! I’m

    1. No trick. I add a little bit of vanilla to mine, which makes them four ingredients, and we love them! I do taste the egg when they’re cold, but hot, they just taste like banana.

      I would say maybe try using 1 1/3 of a banana per egg, rather than 1:1 as the recipe calls for, and see if you like that better. 🙂

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