A Week Of Easy Real Food Dinners


This week’s meal plan is full of simple, easy meals, and even features a couple of slow cooker dishes since everybody’s so busy right now with school ending, and t-ball (and other sports) going on, and for me personally, traveling this coming week.

A whole week of easy real food dinners. This meal plan and shopping list set do all the thinking for you!

We all have different busy days, so what I recommend doing, rather than trying to follow this plan exactly, is printing out the plan, hang it on your refrigerator or somewhere else that’s handy, and just cross meals off as you make them.

That way, for instance, if your Wednesday is going to be super busy, but your Monday evening is free, you can move the Slow cooker chicken dish to Wednesday, and make something more involved on Monday – possibly the Chicken Detox Soup that was originally scheduled for Wednesday.

Make sense?

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This plan does the work for you, and yes, it’s all real food, simple but delicious recipes, and an affordable grocery shopping list.

Depending on what you already have in your pantry, this entire 21-meal real food plan should cost you $60 or less for a family of four.

Keep in mind that we’re using some of the sales going on this week at Kroger, and being mindful to shop cost effectively. For instance, chicken leg quarters at Walmart are $0.59/lb in the ten pound bag, but I saw them at Aldi yesterday for $0.49/lb.

Also this week, Aldi has some great deals on Asparagus, strawberries, and blackberries, so be sure to take advantage of those!

Sadly, nothing really stood out to me in the meat department, so we’re using our old standbys of ground beef and chicken leg quarters. Maybe better luck next week! I’m hoping to see a great deal on some beef soon. Especially with grilling season being here, I expect to start seeing brisket sales at HEB if not elsewhere, and that’ll be tasty!

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