How To Remove Stains From Clothes


Do laundry stains seem like a never-ending war in your house?

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And for those tough stains that seem to plague your kids clothes? We’ve got a solution for that too. Just scroll down to the bottom of this post to get your printable guide for how to remove stains from clothes.

Before kids, I honestly didn’t worry about stains that much.

After kids? Different story. They somehow manage to get something on every change of clothes regardless of how long they wear them. And not only that, it seems like I stain my own clothes more often now too.

Case in point: Shortly after my son was born, I spilled melted butter all over my favorite pants. Say what you want, but mommy brain is real. Sheesh.

So yeah, even before my kids were old enough to mess up their own clothes with anything other than spit-up, I found myself researching how to remove grease, blood, and ink stains.

Now that they’re older? We’ve added grass, gum, ketchup, mud, and I-don’t-even-remember-what-else to the list.

Stain removal is so normal in our house, my four-year-old even treats her own clothes as soon as she takes them off (this only applies to her favorite clothes, the others she just tosses in a corner).

The really great thing about this chart is that it shows you how to remove the stain in such a way that you wash the garment in cold water afterward. The truth is, for most stains, washing it in hot water will only set the stain – not help remove it!

But that’s only one reason to wash your clothes in cold water.

Did you know that washing in cold water and using the quick wash cycle of your washing machine saves 80% on energy expenditure compared to using normal cycles? It also results in 40% less greenhouse gas emissions.


Using the quick and cold cycles means that your laundry gets done faster, you save money, and you lighten your environmental impact. It’s a triple whammy!

But will your clothes be clean enough?

In a word, yes.

Most laundry detergents work well in quick and cold wash cycles in half the time.

>>Click Here For Your “How To Remove Stains From Clothes” Printable stain removal guide<<Image shows a stain removal guide for download

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  1. My whites get very greyish. I use hydrogen peroxide instead of bleach but the clothes get dingy. Any ideas?

  2. I’d like to make my own laundry soap but how does it measure up with quick-wash cycles, cold water, and stain removal? Could you add a link to diy laundry soap (I know you have a recipe ????)

  3. You forgot how to get poop out, people poop and animal poop as that is what little kids get into or do. Right now I just rinse, rinse, & rinse in cold water then use peroxide then wash but am not always successful. Any help here?

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