Simple Instant Pot Grits Recipe


Want a breakfast recipe that’s warm, delicious, filling, but quick and easy? This instant pot grits recipe is everything you’re looking for!

Warm, hearty, but only takes four minutes to cook? Say YES! to instant pot grits!

I like to cook. I like to bake. Sweet treats, savory treats, wholesome for, junk food. I like it all.

But as a mom with small farm responsibilities, two kids, and a homeschooler, the reality is, making a fancy breakfast every morning is just out of the question.

I need a good, hearty breakfast, but I need it to be simple and easy.

I think that’s pretty much the mantra of moms.

Give the kids something they’ll enjoy, that will keep them satisfied until lunch.

If you’re a fellow southerner, you know exactly where I’m going with this.


Grits are always easy to make, but putting them in the instant pot and walking away to finish my morning chores while they cook make them ideal on school week mornings.

Come back when you’re done, spoon grits into bowls, top with cheese, and voila! Breakfast is served! The savory counterpart to the (usually) sweet simple instant pot steel cut oats recipe.

Now I’m a fan of shrimp ’n grits any time of day, or cheesy grits casserole, but we’re talking about quick and easy here, and I can’t think of anything quicker or easier than simple instant pot grits.

Your kids get a well rounded dose of carbs, fat, and protein that keeps them full while they do their morning schoolwork, which honestly makes life so much easier than on those days when I’m trying to teach the difference between a noun and a pronoun while they’re dealing with sugar crashes.

Been there, done that, not okay.

For me or for the kids.

When I made these instant pot grits last week, I pulled out the basil to add a tiny bit of extra flavor, and while I’m not usually a big carb eater in the morning, they smelled so good I couldn’t resist. It may sound a bit unconventional, but if you haven’t tried a little basil on your grits, try it! That tiny bit of sweet aromatic with the savory cheesiness is to die for! (when the kids saw it, they complained, but when the tasted it, they agreed!)

P.S. This is the instant Pot I have


Simple Intant Pot Grits


  • 1 cup grits (I use “quick 5 minute” grits)
  • 1 cup milk
  • 2 1/2 cups water
  • 2 Tablespoons butter or bacon grease
  • a dash of salt
  • 1/2 cup cheese
  • basil (optional)


  1. Combine first five ingredients in your instant potgrits in instant pot
  2. Secure lid and make sure steam valve is closed
  3. Select the manual setting, and toggle the timer to four minutes
  4. Release pressure when time is up
  5. Serve and top with cheese and basil.cheesy grits made in the instant pot

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  1. What is the name brand of the simple instant pot you are cooking with , I found several versions of these pots on line and was wondering which one is of good quality.

  2. Thank you for your recipe… It took me forever to find one because I just wanted a plain old grits recipe with plain old grits. LOL. And all I kept finding more fancy recipes with stoneground grits and cheese and shrimp‘s and all kinds of things!

    They stuck to the bottom something awful but they still came out fabulous otherwise!

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