Rainy Weekend Wrap-up


We’ve had such a beautiful rainy week this week. 

I never realized how much a simple thing like rain could make me so happy. One of the side effects of growing up in Tennessee I suppose, but here in Texas, we don’t get rain very often, which makes falling asleep to the sound of rain on the roof something of a rare luxury. I love it! 

That said, when it’s rainy, and your monkeys are house-bound, life gets a little bit chaotic. I swear at one point, Garrett was literally bouncing off the walls, and we ended up taking the kids to the park despite the mud and rain so they could burn off some energy. 😛 

Favorite Tip This Week

Use Tuna Cans to mold high-rising hamburger buns. Without a mold, gluten-free bread batters tend to spread sideways more than they rise upward, so a tuna can, or english muffin ring is super helpful! 


Favorite Diffuser Blend Recipe

5 drops lavender + 3 drops orange

Rainy Weekend Wrap-up - Current Favorite Diffuser Blend

Traditionally, we like to diffuse lemon, lavender, and peppermint essential oils during the pollen-heavy spring season to help support our bodies’ abilities to deal with the resulting allergies, but I ran out of lemon, and normally, I don’t like to diffuse peppermint at night, so…

I figured lavender would work better than nothing, then on a whim, added a bit of orange to it. It’s such a beautiful sweet smell, and I’ve been sleeping like a baby! {read more about essential oils}

Most popular Facebook post


This one gave us a good laugh!

Favorite Recipes

Healthyish Tuna Casserole, which we made using Wild-caught tuna. I was skeptical about whether it would truly be different than your average tuna, but surprisingly, it actually tastes a little different. 


Healthy Almond Coconut no-Bake Cookies

These things were a HUGE hit! I’ve always had a thing for almond joys, so these were a pleasure to create, and between me and the kids, they sure didn’t last long!


Most Noteworthy Quote From The Kids

“No mom, dads are taller than moms!”

Things are so simple when you’re little. 😉 

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