Whole30 PDf Grocery List


Looking for a place to start? Here’s a handy Whole30 PDF grocery list!

As January starts, you might be raring to clean up your eating habits. 

This especially true if you went through the holidays making, baking, and having a good time, but started noticing you didn’t feel the greatest afterward. Image shows a downloadable Whole 30 checklist

That’s what makes January such a popular month to get on the Whole30. The promise of food that makes you feel good? The potential of resetting your taste preferences? Sounds pretty awesome, doesn’t it? 

I did my first Whole30 in early 2017, and it was hard, but not as hard as I thought it would be, and totally worth it, because it opened up my taste buds to new, delicious things – like green smoothies; Who knew they’d actually taste good?! Now I’m addicted. 

That said, I know it can be a little confusing to start. You can cut that confusion down big time with a simple Whole30 PDF Grocery checklist to see at a glance what is and isn’t Whole30 compliant. 

And a few tips couldn’t hurt either! 

Start with a Success Plan

It’s a very simple plan – just two steps: 

  • Remove unapproved food items from your house. This is to minimize the temptation to break into them while doing the challenge.
  • Fill your pantry with approved foods and snacks.

If you haven’t already, download the list of Whole 30 approved foods below.

This list shows you the foods that are Whole30 approved, and when you see the variety there, I think you’ll completely lose the fear of not having enough good things to eat throughout the month!

Whole 30 PDf Grocery List

However, this list is not comprehensive as there is no way we could list all the brands, and processed food items that are technically Whole 30 compliant, we chose to stick to the whole foods, or ingredients that are, partly because I’m a fan of following the “spirit of the law” which is to kind of reset your taste buds and create the habit of eating unprocessed food.

 BUT, I think a caveat needs to be made, because if you’re busy, on the go, or have kids who are a bottomless pit, you might need some slightly processed, but technically Whole30 compliant convenience food. 

Some of these items are:

There are actually many Whole 30 compliant condiments on grocery store shelves – just read the labels to find out!

However, if you have time, you can make your own really, really Whole30 compliant condiments and save some moolah! 

Here’s a short list of some of our favorites:

One of the complaints of Whole30, especially for children, is not enough snacking. Since vegetables are pretty low in calories, it’s hard for kids to feel satisfied from a snack of sliced cucumbers.

Fruit is helpful, but I highly recommend purchasing some bulk nuts as they are high in fat, and protein, and help tremendously with satiation.

Don’t be afraid to add almonds to our lunch box, or snack on apples with almond butter!


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