Seven Ways To Stay Healthy This Winter


Y’all. Winter is no walk in the park when it comes staying healthy! Between the lack of sunshine bringing its good ol’ vitamin D, and the lack of opportunity for good exercise, our immune systems tend to take a dive in the wrong direction!

These 7 ways to stay healthy this winter are not just common sense - they work!

Here are a few things that can help:

Seven Ways To Stay Healthy This Winter

Take a good multivitamin. A food-base vitamin is preferable. We’ve been very Happy with Rainbow Light which we order from Amazon.

Take extra vitamin D. You will be amazed at the impact this simple trick alone will have on your health. There’s a reason why flu season happens in the winter, and the lack of sunshine (with its vitamin D) plays a huge role in that!

Cut back on Sugar. We know that sugar suppresses the immune system, so the middle of winter is NOT the time to over indulge. Focus on healthy snacks, and when you need something sweet, try to use something natural, like raw honey, which contains antioxidants, and antimicrobial properties – it can actually boost your immune system instead of suppress it!

Eat lots of dark green veggies. The more vitamins and minerals you can get into your system, the healthier you’ll be, and dark green veggies are the best way to consume bio-available vitamins. I like to put spinach in scrambled eggs, and bell pepper in everything I can (the kids don’t like it, so I have to be sneaky!), and aim to eat at least a cup of broccoli every day. 

Get as much exercise as you can. When the weather’s yucky, going outside for a walk or run isn’t a very attractive idea. Personally, I’ve stashed my kettlebell in the corner of the living room, and have committed to doing a minimum of 200 kettlebell swings every day for a month. Jumping rope is another excellent option!

Supplement with Thieves oil blend. Thieves is a blend of antimicrobial essential oils that is wonderful for immune support, and smells amazing! I like to diffuse it in the living room during the day, and rub it on the kids feet at night. I also personally take Thieves oil internally with excellent results. (I know there’s a lot of debate out there about taking essential oils internally, an my policy is that I only ingest the highest quality oils, which, in my opinion, is Young living). 

Put garlic in everything you can. Aside from tasting awesome, garlic is a serious germ fighter. I like to smash and dice it into dishes during the last minute of cooking. My mother made garlic oil to fight fight ear infections when I was a kid, and I never say anything work so well. 

Your Turn: What are your tips for staying healthy during the winter?

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  1. Great tips! In addition I also use a saline nasal spray daily to keep my nasal passages moisturized, particularly when using the heating. Also run a humidifier.

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