Fit And Healthy Pregnancy


I'm hoping for a fit and healthy pregnancy!

I haven’t really talked about fitness much on this blog. Maybe mentioned running a time or two, but that’s all.

As of today, that’s going to change.

Gabriel and I are kind of fitness nuts. Not major fitness obsessed protein-powder-and-supplements nut, but just mildly nuts. We enjoy working out.

I’m going to begin documenting my own fitness journey here every Tuesday throughout this pregnancy and probably throughout the post partum period.

It’s going to be something of an experiment since I didn’t really stay fit during my pregnancy with Garrett.

It will be interesting to see how the weights increase and/or decrease, what affect that will have on labor, delivery, and recovery, or if I’ll even be able to keep going.

My goals this week are to have four weight training sessions (two upper body, two lower body).

And three cardio sessions. These will most likely be walking as fast as possible.

I’ve already given up running. After talking to some ladies who are both experienced runners and mothers, I decided that running while pregnant, once the baby gets larger, is just too much trauma on the pelvic floor.

So running is something I’ll look forward to taking back up in the late summer of this year (hopefully). In the mean time, I’ll be getting my cardio via lower impact exercises.

For now, that means walking, which I don’t find very challenging – too slow and boring – so I walk as fast as I possibly can. It still feels really lame after doing so much running last year, but I’m sure I’ll change my mind in a few months.

Until Next Tuesday then!

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