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Random Ramblings on Cloth Diapering


cloth diapering

I’ve been cloth diapering now for… 18 months? The first several months weren’t anything like exclusive, partly because it took a while to get in the groove of washing the diapers before we ran out.

There are times now and then that I use paper, For instance, when we go on a long-ish trip, yet not long enough to justify taking an entire suitcase full of diapers, but I really love using cloth.

It’s really nice to not have all the waste that paper diapers produce, not to mention the expense.

Cloth diapering has changed only a little from when Garrett was a baby.

  • He doesn’t wet as often (but wets more when he does), which means we don’t go through as many diapers in a day.
  • The, um, solids are a lot easier to clean out. Seriously. Most of the time it shakes out into the toilet very nicely.
  • As a bonus, thanks to the stouts snaps that hold the diaper together (as opposed to tape or velcro which is easily undone), we have yet to experience the infamous toddler smearing diaper contents all over everything. I’m mega thankful for that!

I’ve been wondering lately if I’ll be able to get Garrett out of diapers before his little sibling arrives (sometime in July). Given my lack of potty training experience, and his seeming lack of awareness (he’ll run around  all day in a dirty diaper if we let him), we may end up with two in diapers at the same time.

If that happens, I’m pretty sure we’ll need some extras to supplement what we already have. In the past, I’ve really raved about Smarti Pants diapers – I love Smarti Pants! As I mentioned, they feature really stout snaps, which is great! Another awesome feature is that the pocket is open at both ends eleminating the need to shake the insert out before washing, and they’re “one size” diapers, so you only have to purchase one set. Also, they’re relatively inexpensive as cloth diapers go. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find any used, so unlike FuzziBunz and other popular diapers, you pretty much have to buy them new.

I’ve considered supplementing our stash with FuzziBunz  If I can find a good deal on ebay or craigslist, or perhaps using gift cards earned through Swagbucks, and just doing some “surgery” to modify the pocket. bumGenius Looks like it has some great features as well.

Those three brands of course don’t even scratch the surface of cloth diapering options. I feel like such a diaper newb!

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