How To Make An Easy Flower Garland


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I am not a crafter. I like pretty things, but I don’t really enjoy making them. It’s frustrating because I’m not good at it, but even I have to admit that it’s a lot cheaper to make things than buy them.

Image shows a flower garland draped over a headboard, with text that reads "How to Make a Simple Flower Garland"

So when I got the idea in my head earlier this week to add a bit of color to my boring bedroom, and none of my sisters were around to draft into the project, I had to do it myself. #firstworldproblems

I’ve mentioned before that the only store we have in our town is Dollar General, and we often Save on home essentials with Dollar General! So I ran up (literally – it’s about a mile away) to see if they had what I needed. 

Image shows supplies needed for a budget bedroom makeover, silk flowers, frames, pillow cases

Two picture frames, a piece of framed art, a package of pillowcases, a pair of superman bibs for my nephew, and, most importantly, 2 bunches of silk flowers and some floral arranging twine. Grand total, $31.15, minus $5, thanks to the weekend $5 off $30 purchase coupon.

My room before:

Image shows a photo of a bed with white pillowcases and a grey comforter

So boring!

My room after:

Photo shows a bed with a floral garland across the headboard, and photos displayed on the wall

So much better!

(and no, I can’t arrange pillows to save my life. They seem to have a mind of their own!)

How To Make An Easy Flower Garland

  • 2 bunches of silk flowers – 16 total ($3 each)
  • 6-8 feet of floral wire ($1.5/100’ roll)

The beauty of using wire instead of string or twine is that you can position the wire any way you want it, and it will stay that way – no tying down or fastening needed!

Mine is securely fastened to my headboard simply by crimping the wire over the edges. Easy!

Photo shows a close up of a floral garland on a headboard

Pull flowers off of stems, and arrange them in your preferred order.

Since my garland was meant for the headboard of my bed, I arranged them on it to figure out the spacing I needed – about four inches.

Next, start wrapping the wire around the stem of each flower. Be sure to fit the wire around the stem between the flower petals, and sepal a la this video:

It’s as simple as that! I told you I’m not crafty, so any tutorial I make is gonna be super simple! 😉

Have fun with it! And for more easy DIY and decorating ideas, be sure to visit Dollar General on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest!

Image shows a bedroom with photos on the wall and a flower garland, with text that reads "DIY easy Flower Garland"

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