Project Fit Pregnancy: Week 27


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Yesterday, I walked by the weight set and saw that Gabriel was all set up for deadlifts. The bar was loaded with more weight than I had ever lifted, but I couldn’t resist giving it a pull to see what happened. I remember trying to get 135lbs off the ground a few months after I started lifting and not being able to budge it, the day I finally picked it up was a happy day indeed (I get ridiculously happy about weightlifting progress). Anyway, with that memory in mind and not having really worked on my deadlift since mid February, I didn’t have a whole lot of hope that the 155lb weight in front of me would come off the ground. It did, though, quite handily. I didn’t try doing it for reps, but I definitely felt like I could do it.

So, 155 pounds is now my new deadlifting personal record. I guess the heavy(ish) squatting is paying off. Lots of women talk about how the squat is their favorite exercise. Well, mine’s the deadlift. Specifically, the sumo deadlift. I’m looking forward to going back to more of a deadlift-focused workout in the future – but probably not until after the baby’s born.

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I was pretty happy with my workouts this week. The weather has been beautiful, so we’ve been doing a lot more walking. When the weather’s nasty, we tend to use the ATV or truck to get from one end of the farm to the other during our daily chores – especially considering that walking in cold weather is too hard on Garrett. Pushing that stroller up and down hills is quite a workout.

My first workout of the week was a duplicate of the one before it since I had to take an entire week off between the two. I felt like I barely made it through Wednesday’s workout and thought my squat-weight progression was about to come to an end. I even skipped deadlifts altogether because I was so worn out, but ironically, I felt pretty much unstoppable on Friday – even though the weights were heavier. Hurray for progress!

So here’s the breakdown:

Squats – 100lbs, 5×5*
Bench Press – 45 lbs, 5×5*
Bent over row – 45lbs, 5×5*

Squats – 102.5 lbs, 5×5
Over Head Press – 45 lbs, 5×5

squats – 105 lbs, 5×5
Bench press – 50lbs, 5×5
Rows – 50lbs, 5×5

*First number designates the number of sets the second number designates repetitions per set.

I’ve been doing better on my liquid intake this week and eating better… well, a little bit, anyway. I had a block of cream cheese that needed to be used, so I made Gabriel’s favorite key-lime frozen cheesecake pie thingy (recipe coming next week – I promise), and ate my fair share. We did have liver for supper last night though, so it’s all good, right?

In other news, I’ve been hit with the want-to-have-a-baby-now thing (or whatever you call it). I was riding my bicycle home from Dad’s Saturday afternoon, just kind of day-dreaming about whether “it” would be a boy or a girl, whether he/she would be/look like Garrett or be wildly different, and thinking about how I couldn’t wait to hold him or her. Right now, all the hard work of having a newborn around doesn’t sound all that bad.

We’ve still got three months to go through, so I guess this is an excellent opportunity to cultivate patience.


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