Spring Calves And Other Farm Stuff


After an entire day of rain yesterday, the ground is a bit soggy this morning. Okay, a lot soggy. But that’s good, we farm folk love rain. It makes things grow, and we really, really need some grass growth. Our cows have been on a diet of hay all Winter (and it’s been a long Winter!) which has many drawbacks. It’s expensive of course, but it’s also just not as nutritious. This is especially important for the cows, most of whom are set to calve soon, or have already calved. It’s just so much easier for a cow to get the nutrition she needs from green grass. Sadly, Spring has been very late in arriving this year.

On one of the coldest, nastiest nights imaginable (high winds, sleet…) one of our dairy goats, Cinnamon, had her first kid.


He’s a cute little thing, and has managed to survive despite his rough entry into the world. Who knows, maybe it just made him tougher.

As I mentioned on facebook, our dexter cows began calving in mid-late March. They’re cute little buggers. And scarcely as big as my brother’s bulldog.


We also had our first red angus baby a few days ago. He looks monstrously huge up next to the dexter babies.


The herd…


Gabriel has a group of calves/stockers separated from the mamma cow group. We of course, being good farmers and all that, put their hay in a feeder ring to keep them from trampling it.


You can see how well that works.

Last, but not least, and totally unrelated to animals, I found these little gems beside the driveway as I was out walking with Garrett.


Aside from being pretty, wild violets, which are beyond plentiful in our area, are also edible. They add a really pretty pop of color to salads, although your guests might pick them out if they don’t know.

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