Project Fit Pregnancy: Week 21


Exercise? What’s that? Sigh.

Okay, so last week wasn’t that bad. It did seem that I had no energy all week though, and except for Monday, I only did the bare minimum exercises.

The 5×5 program, aside from the 5 “real” sets, also has you do three warm up sets at lower weights, but still weighted. So you’re essentially doing 8 sets of everything, which is quite a workout! Or it will be anyway as I work my way up to heavy weights.

With the 5×5 program, I’ve gone for. Working out 4 days per week, to three. So the breakdown is like this:

Bench press
Bent over row
Kettlebell swings

Over head press

Bench press
Bent over row

The first three exercises of each day are the 5×5 program. As you can see, Monday was the only day I added any extras. The other days I chose to nap instead.

It would be interesting to know how much the baby may have grown in the last week or two.

Aside from feeling extremely low in energy, my Er… Belly has really seemed to pop out a lot. I went to button a skirt Sunday morning that I wore quite comfortably less than two weeks ago, and couldn’t do it. Not that it should have been surprising, there were a few days earlier in the week that I felt like my ligaments were being stretched to their max – which is hilarious since they’re no where near as stretched as they will be!

But anyway, I shall stop rambling now, and work on getting more exercise this week. Next week, I hope to share some stretches/exercises that have been a tremendous help to me in dealing with back pain.


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