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DIY Natural Kids’ Cleaning Kit


Hi all! Today I’m sharing a post from Kathleen of Prompt Cleaners. This is such a great idea! I mean, what kids wouldn’t love having their own cute cleaning kit?!

Image shows a collage of photos with cleaning products and text that reads "DIY Natural Kids Cleaning Kit"

Most of us do the cleaning while the kids are still in bed sleeping or before they get back from school. When the children get back home, all the clutter, dirt, and dust have magically disappeared, which leads them to believe cleaning and tidying up are done with a simple flick of a magic wand. This causes them to skip on their chores, rendering the formation of proper cleaning habits nearly impossible. You, as a parent, should uproot this belief and help your kids form their own habits regarding cleaning their personal space. Why not start by creating a wholly natural cleaning kit for your child?

Here are some things a child’s safe cleaning kit should include:

A basket or a caddy

The child will likely need something to hold his/her cleaning tools and products in. And of coarse, let’s not forget this way it would be easier to carry them from one place to the next. Start by providing a caddy for your kid. Make sure the little helper participates in its selection. Choose one in your child’s favorite colors – this could add up to their motivation. Allow the youngster to decorate it according to his or her own taste – they can put on some stickers of their favorite cartoon characters or use glitter as decoration. In case you don’t have a caddy, you can always use a wicker basket and decorate it with a few colorful bows and ribbons. A small metal bucket is an option too.

Home-made surface cleaners

   Safety is always the number one priority when it comes to kids and cleaning. It would be a good idea to avoid aggressive and toxic cleaning products as children’s skin is more susceptible to irritation. You can always prepare some yourself, using different home products. An example would be to use a glass of tap water and half a cup of vinegar which would make an excellent surface cleaner. You can always add a few drops of essential oil for fragrance is said from CarpetCleaning Hammersmith. Pour the mixture into a spray bottle. Buy some sponges from the store – they should be reusable so the child could simply wash them with water once they have been used.

Photo shows two small brushes with black handles and red bristles

Kid-size brush

  A small brush and a dustpan would be the perfect addition to your kid’s cleaning kit. They are usually inexpensive and the child can use them for sweeping crumbs from tabletops, counters, and floors. If you don’t feel like buying a small broom, you can always use a paintbrush as a substitute. It will serve the same purpose, just make sure there is no dried paint left on its hairs.

Image shows a red duster with a black handle

Hand Duster

You can include a hand duster in the child’s cleaning set. A great advantage of the duster is that it traps and holds dust and other tiny particles without cleaning chemicals. You can visit the store with the child and help him/her choose one of their own liking. Or if you decide to buy it on your own, you should probably opt for the most colorful one.

Image shows a colorful, floral apron on a mannequin


Everyone likes to look their best, even while cleaning. That’s why a small apron would be the final touch to your child’s cleaning kit. The fabric should be soft and natural to avoid skin irritation. Again, you should choose one with a colorful pattern – the print may include everything from fruits and flowers to small cars and trucks. Choose it in accordance with the little one’s interests and preferences.

Now that your child’s cleaning is complete invite them for a clean-up. Kids love to help and feel useful and they will surely like to join you in your cleaning activities. Start with presenting them with the simplest tasks – wiping up cabinets and sweeping bread crumbs from tables would be a good start. And the greatest plus – just think of all the spare time you can have to yourself while your kids are at school or are taking a nap.

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