Beet Fruit Leather Recipe


Do you wish your kids would eat beets or other strong tasting vegetables?

Back in mid January, our whole family went on a Whole30.

Image shows several rolls of fruit leather with text that reads "DIY Beet Fruit Leather"

It was tough at first, especially on Sunday afternoon at our church’s potluck dinner, which is always loaded with desserts.

I hated making the kids miss out on dessert. It’s so hard for them to watch, eating nothing, while their friends are wolfing down the cookies and ice cream!

So, even though it wasn’t completely in the spirit of the Whole30, I ordered some healthy goodies for them. – freeze-dried strawberries, blueberries, and a funny one, that I couldn’t help trying, just out of curiosity – Beet Fruit Snackies.

beet fruit leather recipe

The “snackies” are freeze dried squares of puréed beets, peaches, strawberries, and other fruit – and they were amazing! I couldn’t believe how they tasted – and how much the kids loved them!

What a breakthrough! I’m all for requiring kids to eat their veggies, but I also think it’s unrealistic to make them eat large quantities of vegetables they don’t like.

Which is why I’m a huge fan of hiding veggies in food they like! (which is the inspiration behind these kale power balls)

Beets are one of the things my kids don’t happen to like, but they loved those snackies – which meant I could recreate them!

Maybe they wouldn’t be freeze-dried, but that doesn’t matter, because who doesn’t love fruit leather?!

Try this fruit leather recipe for your family


Beet Fruit Leather Recipe

If your family loves fruit snacks, this homemade beet fruit leather is perfect for you. Your kids will love it, and won’t even know they’re also eating delicious beets!


  • 2 bananas
  • 2 cups mixed fruit such as strawberries, blueberries, and peaches
  • 1 can beets, drained


  1. Purée all ingredients together
  2. Spread about 1/8 of an inch thick on the fruit leather trays in your dehydrator – I like to line my trays with parchment paper to make them super easy to peel off.
  3. Set dehydrator temperature to the “fruit” setting, and dehydrate overnight or until the fruit leather is no longer wet underneath – slightly sticky is okay, but you don’t want wet!
  4. If you want to dry your fruit leather in the oven:
  5. Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper, and spread purée about 1/8” thick.
  6. Set oven to lowest heat setting (Usually 140-170º)
  7. Dry for 4-6 hours

Be aware that your finished fruit leather may be somewhat crispy rather than leathery.


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