6 Can’t-Miss Things To Do Before Summer Ends


Sumer is almost over. Let that sink in for a minute.

On second thought, don’t. Don’t think about fall, or back to school, or any of that stuff. Think about all the fun you still need to have with your kids instead!

6 things to do before summer ends | kids activities | family fun

This spring, when we finished up our homeschooling year, I had all these great plans for all the fun things we were going to do together this summer, but sadly, the weeks slipped by and here it is, August already.

I can blame some of it on renovating our old mobile home, but not all of it, and I’m determined to do as many of those things as I can before we officially start school again!

6 Can’t-Miss Things To Do Before Summer Ends

  • Go berry picking – We totally missed strawberries and blackberries this year, but fortunately for us, blueberries ripen later in the summer – and bonus points! They’re easier to pick.
  • Go canoeing. My kids absolutely adore paddling canoes up the river (they’re terrible at it though!), and then giving up and floating along in their life jackets, stopping along the shore to look at interesting rocks, and observing fish from inside the canoe. We take a packed lunch and homemade sun lotion with us for a fun day trip. In our area, one canoe costs around $30 to rent for the day, which makes a pretty inexpensive daycation, for a family with kids young enough that one canoe is all you need.
  • Have a grill-out at the city park. Sure, you have to pack up all your ingredients and utensils, but grilling away from home, and having a real picnic down at the park make it ten times more fun! Because the kids are busy playing on the playground, I get to practice my novice grilling skills in peace when we go to the park, so it’s a win for everybody! (handy grilling recipes: Easy Grilled Pork Tacos and Pork Spare Ribs With Blueberry Barbecue Sauce.)

  • Explore historic small towns. Walking around old town squares with historic small towns in the heat of summer, popping into air conditioned shops to cool off and look around, and somehow, finding yourself inside an old fashioned ice cream shop is such a fun way to spend an afternoon! One town near us if famous for it’s Billy The Kid Museum and folklore, plus it has an amazing artisan chocolate shop, and drool-worthy popcorn shop – where the kids got a sugar high just sampling all the various gourmet popcorn flavors. 
  • Go to an outdoor movie theater. Drive-in theaters as they’re sometimes called, can be hard to find these days, but they’re worth the drive so you can lay a blanket on the ground, grab some snacks, and watch a move/catch fireflys/enjoy nature while being entertained. This is kind of an aside, but I recently took the kids and my brother out to see a movie in a regular theater to celebrate a project we’d worked hard on that week, and I quickly realized that my three year old is still too young for movie theaters – there is no sit still in that girl! So yes, outdoor theaters are a MUCH better option for families of small children.
  • Go tent camping! Pretty soon it will be too cold to go out in a tent, so take advantage of the weather while you can! I used to be afraid to tent camp in the summer for fear that the heat would keep us all from sleeping, but then we found battery powered tent fans. Man, what a game changer! I want to camp as many times as I can while the kids are little and we can all use our one smallish tent and are easy to entertain – once they get bigger, the simple thrill of a campfire, s’mores, and sleeping in a sleeping bag won’t be as much of a big deal for them.

6 Can’t-Miss Things To Do Before Summer Ends

Can you tell that we like to keep things simple around here? The thing is, going out and having family adventures is supposed to be fun.

For us moms, that does mean keeping things simple, and as stress-free as you can. don’t sweat the details. Don’t go overboard trying to make your adventures as magical as possible for the kiddos – childhood is already magical.

Think about how much more magical it will be to have a happy mom, pack some PB&J, and go have some fun!

Summer only lasts a little while, the kids are only little for a few years – do as many things as you can, while you can!

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