5 Things We Loved In December


Every month, just for fun, I’ll be posting a list of some of the things we’ve been loving recently. It could be books, or food, or appliances, or toys, or even clothing. 🙂

The City Park

This bloggers new series of things we loved in December is a little peak into her family's life!

The kids, mostly Garrett, ask to go to the park every day – multiple times per day until we do it! We don’t go every day of course, but we definitely love living within easy walking distance of swings, slides, and a merry-go-round! Haddassah would swing all day if I let her – which is counter productive, I want her to burn off energy – not me! 😉

Alphabet And Numbers Lotto

Toddler Games

We’ve had Alphabet Lotto for as long as I can remember, and I’m so glad I was able to dig it out of mom’s old pre-school supplies on our last trip to Tennessee, because I can’t seem to find one just like it anywhere, although this one is similar. Mom picked up the Numbers Lotto at a thrift shop I think several years ago, and Garrett’s been enjoying that one too.

Over-The-Door Chin-Up Bar


I found one just like this for $5 on a recent Goodwill shopping trip. Score! I hadn’t bothered with one before, because it wouldn’t have worked on the doors of our old house, but in our new house, it’s awesome! Maybe I’ll finally get good at pull-ups now. 

Electric Hot Plate

Probably the most annoying thing about the house we now live in the that the stove is way off on one side of the kitchen by itself, while the cabinets and sink are on the other. This hot plate has been a life saver – or at the very least, a step saver for me. Anytime I’m cooking something that needs attention, I can use this, right on top of the cupboard. In fact, I’d say we do about 70% of our cooking on it. 

 Shape Sorter Barn

We picked this thing up super, super cheap at the dollar store the other day, it’s not well made by any means, but it kept the kids busy in the truck for hours as we were driving up to visit family. 

Those are five of our favorite things this month. Simple as they are, we love them. 

What are you lovin’ right now?

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