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Two-Ingredient Breakfast Popsicles


How thrilled would your kids be if they could eat popsicles for breakfast? Mine acted like they’d won the lottery when I handed them their breakfast treats, and I didn’t mind a bit because see, these breakfast popsicles continue just two ingredients – yogurt and granola.

I’ll be honest, on the hot southern summer days, I’d freeze all our meals if I could!

Image shows popsicles and berries on a plate with text that reads "Two-Ingredient Breakfast Popsicles"

We’ve been making green smoothie popsicles for a long time because it’s a frozen treat I can feel really good about letting my kids wolf down, but then a few weeks ago, when we made our first batch of berry parfait popsicles, one of the kids said “it’s like breakfast, but frozen”, that really got the gears turning.

Why can’t we freeze breakfast?

I made a fresh batch of granola cereal, grabbed some vanilla yogurt, and voila!

Easiest. Breakfast. Ever.

I don’t recommend getting any ideas about “breakfast on the go” with these things though. They’re tasty – not mess-free. In fact, my favorite thing to do is hand the kids a popsicle and send them outside.

Image shows a young boy and girl eating breakfast popsicles outdoors

Otherwise, they’re pretty much limited to sitting at the kitchen table, so their popsicles don’t melt all over the floor. 😛

(Although to be fair, it’s usually only my youngest that has this problem.)

I like to use pretty unfancy granola for this recipe because I’m not a huge fan of chewing on frozen, dried fruit and nuts (with the exception of toasted pecans – those are tasty!).

So here we go – a recipe so simple, you can barely call it a recipe!


Two-Ingredient Breakfast Popsicles

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These delicious breakfast popsicles are truly foolproof- your family won’t believe how good they are!

  • Author: Elyse


  • 1 cup vanilla yogurt
  • 3/41 cup granola cereal


  1. Mix yogurt and granola together
  2. Divide between popsicle molds
  3. Freeze for several hours

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