Project Fit Pregnancy: Week 35


Five more weeks! Not only are we down to single digits, now I can count them on one hand!

Project Fit Pregnancy: Non-formal workouts while pregnant

Last week was kind of a bummer. I got in one workout, got some sort of sinus/resperatory cold, but felt well enough Saturday for another light workout. So all was not lost.

I was reading a conversation on a pregnancy/lifting forum that I’m a part of a few days ago, and most of the ladies all said that they quit lifting and only did some light walking sometime during the last 8 weeks of their pregnancies. With the exception of a few relatively heavy sets of deadlifts, it’s been several weeks since I lifted anything truly heavy, largely because I find that my legs just stay tired for several days after heavy squats. But that’s okay, I’m just happy that I can still lift anything.

Workout Breakdown

Goblet squat – 25 lbs. 3×5
Sumo deadlift – 135 lbs. 2×5, 145 lbs. 1×5
Bench Press – 65 lbs. 5×5

Goblet squat – 25 lbs. 3×10
Sumo deadlift – 115 lbs. 3×6

Just for kicks: Garrett benching a pool noodle at Grandpa’s house

Those were the formal workouts. The non-formal work including pushing Garrett’s stroller pretty much everywhere, taking care of goats, planting sweet potatoes, house cleaning (I get to claim that, right?), and… stuff. I don’t remember, but I’m continuously surprised that I still have the energy to do as much as I’ve been doing – I credit it of course to all the strength training – although I admit that there were a few times that I’ve thought “I am so over being pregnant”. One time I even said it out loud to Gabriel as we were walking back home from the garden. Kid must have been up in my ribs.

Well, it’s time for me to be off getting another “informal workout” helping Gabriel (or trying to anyway) load a calf.


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