Project Fit Pregnancy: Week 34


Image shows a woman holding her pregnant belly outdoors

Last week’s workouts almost didn’t happen. We were so busy it seemed like I was running around like a chicken with no head. Funny thing is, I don’t even remember what we were doing!

Here’s the workout:

Squat – 95 lbs. 3×5
OHP – 55lbs. 3×5

Sumo deadlift – 135lbs. 2×5
push-ups – 3×10

Squat – 95 lbs. 3×5
OHP – 55lbs. 3×5

All with liberal amounts of walking here, there, and everywhere, of course.

This is pretty obvious, but I’m no longer following a set program. At this point, my goal is to just stay in shape to the degree that I can. I don’t feel that I can safely work out just as hard as I can anymore (although that may just be an unfounded fear), but I’d really hate to get completely out of shape during the last six(ish) weeks of pregnancy. Everything I’ve read leads me to believe that the benefits pertaining to labor and delivery of working out during pregnancy are very little if you stop completely at the end.

I’m still feeling really well at this point and am having a hard time believing that the due date is only six weeks away. Well, I was until a few days ago. The baby seems to have moved down really low, which is giving me a massive pregnancy waddle, as well as some …other discomforts that we won’t discuss. It’s not keeping me from getting around and getting things done, though, and the waddle really isn’t a big deal – it just looks funny (or so I imagine; I can’t see it myself.

One benefit of having the baby down so low is that I expect strawberry picking to be much easier today than it has been in the past. Speaking of which, I better get to it!


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