Project Fit Pregnancy: Week 33


Project Fit Pregnancy: Kettlebell Squats While Pregnant

This past week was hectic to say the least. With the regular farm chores, Gabriel running down to help set up fence on a rented pasture, the farmer’s market, and getting ready for the county Arts And Ag Tour. Whew! I nearly gave up working out with all that was going on. It seemed that there was never enough time to go down to dad’s, set up the squat rack, and then actually squat.

On Tuesday, I was walking by our weight set in the car port, and just decided to do a set of deadlifts to see what happened. In the past, using the 5×5 program which calls for dead lifting after squatting, it had been causing quite a bit of back pain, so I’d quit. I’m happy to report that dead lifting in lieu of squatting didn’t have any ill effects at all that I could tell. Granted, my back felt pretty good when I started – I wouldn’t have even tried it otherwise.


After that, I decided that for the rest of the week, I’d just do whatever exercise was handy whenever I had a few minutes. Sadly, the “handy” exercises didn’t really include upper body, so it was seriously under-worked last week. By Saturday, I was feeling guilty and finally did some push-ups before bed. I hate admit it, but that made me sore!

Another exercise I used – but only once – was goblet squats which are simply squats performed while holding. A weight in front of you at about chest height.

Oh my stars! Squatting with that 36 pound kettlebell in front of me was every bit as challenging as back-squatting 110 pounds! The stabilizing muscles were much more involved, not to mention the weak, stretched, abdominals.

So, don’t laugh, here’s my workout breakdown for the week:

Sumo Deadlift: 135 lbs – 2×5
Goblet Squat:    36 lbs – 3×8

Sumo Deadlift: 135 lbs – 2×5

Push-ups: 1×5, 3×10
body-weight squats: 3×15

And of course, there’s walking with a stroller here and there almost every day.

I had intended to do some sort of workout every day since what I was doing wasn’t particularly challenging (except the goblet squats), but with Thursday (Farmer’s market), and Friday (Arts and Ag Tour) being so busy, it slipped my mind both days. Saturday would have been skipped, again thanks to the tour, if it hadn’t been for upper body work being non-existent.

I’m so happy that, despite our busy week and being over seven months pregnant, I’m not “dead”. Tired yes, thanks to getting to bed late and getting up relatively early, but not “dead-tired”. I feel like keeping up with lifting and exercising has really improved my ability to deal with all of the pregnancy stresses. During my pregnancy with Garrett, I thought I was doomed to being miserable and useless during pregnancy. I’m so blessed to be able to experience a “good” pregnancy!

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