Creative Storage Ideas For Small Spaces



  • Inside/under coffee tables and end tables. If you have end tables or a coffee table that is either enclosed or covered with a tablecloth, you can fit neatly boxed food underneath. I can fit a single box of (one dozen) quart jars under our end table. One box is better than none!
  • In crawl space (Rubbermaid/mouse-proof boxes or buckets). If you live in a small house where you struggle to find storage space for everything, odds are, you don’t have a basement. But maybe you have a crawl space. Some crawl spaces are actually quite easily accessible, and you can use them to store a lot of things, from food to winter clothes. Just make sure you use mouse-proof containers such as lidded buckets or Rubbermaid boxes.
  • Under desks. Do you have a large office desk? What do you do with the space underneath? There’s often room to store some neatly boxed food underneath.
  • Use bed risers. Having a bed frame that cleared the floor by a grand total of three inches was a major source of frustration for me until my mom introduced me to bed risers. Now I store boxes of quart jars under my bed. Booyah!
  • Top shelves of closets. Those top closet shelves can be hard to get to and use efficiently. What better way to use them than to store a selection of home canned goods? I like to store things that I know we won’t be using as often—like jam or pickles—in the harder-to-access areas.
  • Over refrigerator. You can set up an attractive display of stored food over your refrigerator. for some extra space. Jars of colorful pasta or breakfast cereal come readily to mind.
  • Over kitchen or bathroom cabinets. Again, you can make an attractive display over your kitchen cabinets. In one of our previous houses, where we had high ceilings and plenty of over-cabinet storage room, I displayed my collection of vintage blue canning jars. I never did count how many jars of food we had up there at one time, but I’d guess it was close to 100.
  • Behind appliances. For some reason, our washing machine sits about a foot away from the wall. But I’m okay with that – more storage space for me! Put shelving everywhere. Over and around your toilet, hanging from walls… everywhere!

I know you all have probably got tons of great storage space ideas, so please leave a comment letting me know yours! 

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  1. We live in Central Texas as well in an RV. Talk about no storage! I love reading about how other people make storage space for small places. Thanks for the good tips!

  2. I didn’t realize there were so many different ways to store things. I think the bed riser is a clever idea. Lately I have been thinking about getting a self storage unit. It is still something I am thinking about but, this was fun to read and helped a lot. Thanks for sharing.

  3. These are some really clever ideas. I didn’t know that bed risers were a thing–I’ll definitely have to use those in the future! Like Johnny says, I’m really considering getting a self storage unit at this point. I’m doing some renovations right now, and shifting all my belongings from one room to another is difficult, even with these tips. But when things are done, I’ll be sure to put my cereal on the fridge!

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