Six Cost Saving Cleaning Tips


Little things that we don’t even think about add up quickly into a big thing. Most of the things on this little list are cleaning related. That seems to be one of the biggest areas of waste. In our zealousness to get things clean, it’s really easy to use more than we need and be wasteful, so here’s a list of little things you can do to cut your costs without a lo of effort:

  • Use less laundry detergent. Soap cleans by essentially making the water… well… Wetter. It allows the water to penetrate the clothing more fully and wash the dirt away. It only takes a little to get the job done. Using more is just a waste. Always measure. You may think you’re only pouring 1/8 of a cup, but it’s hard to tell if you aren’t measuring.
  • Use less dish soap.  Same thing that applies to the laundry applies to the dishes. You don’t actually have to have suds up to your elbows. (Much to the disappointment of any children involved ) It can be hard to pour just a little, so try using a combination of half soap, half water.
  • Cut your fabric softener sheet in half.  If you use a dryer. ( I loath dryers as you already know). ½ or less of a dryer sheet works just as well, and costs a lot less.
  • Take your bar soap out of the shower. Do not, I repeat, do not leave your  soap in the shower! It get wet, then soggy, then next thing you know it gone!. Try putting it in a container outside of the shower. You’ll be surprised how much longer it lasts you.
  • Wash clothing in cold water.  I’m sure this one is a no brainer to most people. We all know how much excessive water heater use hikes our electric bills.  The day may come I suppose,  when I’ll need to turn that temperature selector knob on my washer, but so far, it’s remained on cold/cold and I’ve been very happy with how clean my clothes come out.
  • Use diluted vinegar for you basic cleaning. Regular cleaners, as we know aren’t good for you, and the organic cleaners that I’ve tried frankly don’t work very well. Vinegar is both good at cleaning, and good for you. As a bonus, it’s cheap!

Leave a comment and let me know your favorite healthy/green/frugal cleaning tips!

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