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6 things To Take To SeaWorld (And 2 To Leave Behind)


Our kids have finally gotten old enough to go places and do fun things. A couple years ago, I honestly wasn’t sure we’d ever reach that point – so YAY!

One of the first things we did this spring was purchase season passes to SeaWorld. Since it’s only a three-and-a-half hour drive from us, we figured the total of $20 extra bucks spent on season “fun cards” would pay off.

This post is all about what to bring to SeaWorld and what NOT to take! Super helpful hints for moms with kids! I can't wait to take our family here this summer!

And now, I’m really glad we get a second go-round later this season, because our first trip was SO MUCH FUN, and we learned some things while we were there – specifically, about what to take, and what not to take on a trip to SeaWorld.

What Not To Take

Your Purse. Yup, I took my purse on the first trip. Why? WHY did I do that?! As you can imagine, leaving one’s purse in the stroller in order to ride The Atlantis is NOT a good idea, so we ended up spending $10 extra dollars on a locker. I coulda bought a lot of cotton candy with that money. 😛

Next time, I’ll put my drivers license and debit card in my pocket and leave the purse behind.

Flip-Flops. Just. Don’t. I know it’s hot, I know flip-flops are cool and comfortable for standing around, but for as much walking as you’ll be doing, you’ll need a good pair of walking shoes! You won’t even notice the extra heat, and you’ll be super thankful to avoid the foot cramps and blisters that walking in flip-flops can create – especially if you play with your kids in the Sesame Street Bay of Play!

If you are wondering what to bring to SeaWorld this summer, read this blogger's post! Some great ideas to make the trip go smoothly!

What To Take

Water! You will definitely get thirsty walking around the park – especially if it’s hot – and buying in park is easy – but it costs an arm and a leg. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather not pay through the nose for something that you can get anywhere from cheap to free. My rule of thumb is to bring a quart of water per person, and then if you run out, find a water fountain to refill at.

Swim suits, or a change of clothes. For some reason, I didn’t realize there would be a splash pad in the kiddie section at SeaWorld. The kids LOVE splash pads, but were weren’t able to indulge them, because we didn’t have anything for them to change into. Next time, we’ll definitely be bringing their swim suits!


A towel (or two!). This is, after all, SeaWorld we’re talking about, and there will be water involved. Even if you don’t play at the splash pad, there are plenty of other places to get wet – whether it’s the front seat of a sea lion show, the Journey To Atlantis (my favorite!), or worse, Rio Loco. A few of the rides are equipped with blow dryers near the exit, which is nice, but they’re certainly not free like bringing a towel is!

A Snack bag. Even if you decide to purchase lunch in the park, bringing your own snacks can really save not only your wallet, but your sanity if you have kids. Why are they always hungry? My sone walked around half the day with a bag of trail mix in his hand. 

A stroller. Even if your kids are a little on the big side, there will be a lot of walking, and a stroller gives them a nice break. Even more importantly, it gives you a place to stow all the gear we’ve been talking about! Yes, you have to leave it outside of a lot of exhibits, and of course the rides, but as long as your snacks and clothes are the only thing you’re carrying (which they are, because you left your purse behind, right?), there’s nothing to worry about!

Sun protection! Going to an animal park, I have a tendency to not thing about the sun component – after all, won’t we be inside exhibits and walking along shaded paths most of the time? Haha. No. We got pretty lobsterfied on our trip back in April, and next time, I’ll (try to) remember to take my homemade sun lotion!

Regardless of what you take or don’t take, if you’re planning a trip to SeaWorld, you’re in for a lot of FUN! We loved the entire experience – all the way down to talking to one of the workers about her medical aid dog – not an animal we had planned on learning about that day, and it was fabulous! 

So whatever else you take, make sure you take your FUN!

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