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21 Uses For Egg Cartons


We eat a lot of eggs, and that results in a lot of egg cartons. We’ve been storing these egg cartons up, using a few here and there, but not nearly all of them, so I decided to look into ways to use them, rather than just throwing them away. It’s amazing all the fun things you do with them!

Image shows a collage of crafts, with text that reads "21 Adorable uses for egg cartons"

I think I have enough egg cartons on hand to try all of these, but with spring coming on, I have to say, the mini plant pots are right at the top of my list!

21 Uses For Egg Cartons

  1. Egg carton butterfly flowers
    Image shows a collage of flower crafts made from egg cartons
  2. Egg carton crafts for kids – my kids nearly died when they saw these!
  3. Egg carton flower mirror – the perfect way to dress up a plain ‘ol mirror!
    Image shows a collage of a flower frame made from egg cartons
  4. Mini plant pots – perfect for staring garden seeds!
    Photo shows several small pots for starter plants made from egg cartons
  5. Make a sewing kit – this one would be so handy to keep in the car for wardrobe emergencies!
    Image shows a small egg carton made into a sewing kit container
  6. Candy Caddy
  7. Make a twinkling flower garland
    Image shows a small flower fairy light strand made from egg cartons with the text "Flower Fairy Lights Tutorial"
  8. Make a disposable paint palette
  9. Make an easy egg carton bird feeder
    Photo shows an egg carton with yarn hung from a tree as a birdfeeder
  10. Make budget-friendly drawer organizers
    Photo shows egg cartons as drawer organizers in a drawer
  11. Make this adorable spring wreath!Image shows a colorful floral wreath made from egg cartons
  12. Make a decorative canvas
    Photo shows a 3D floral bouquet craft on canvas with egg cartons
  13. Make a Boho flower wall hanging
    I am so making this boho style wall hanging! It's made from leftover egg cartons! Can you imagine! So creative!
  14. Make this easy 3-step egg carton flower wreath
  15. Make mini seed starting greenhouses
  16. Make egg carton Easter Basket decorations
  17. Use egg cartons to store fondant and royal icing flowers – this is hands down the BEST way to keep them from getting damaged during travel! (take it from a former wedding cake decorator!)
  18. Organize small pieces of hardware such as washers, nuts, and bolts.
  19. Make a math game for your kindergartener
    Photo shows a child's hand using an egg carton and dried beans to play a math game
  20. Make paper maché bowls out of egg cartons
  21. And don’t forget – you can always give them back to your local small farmer! He or she likely appreciates hand-me-down egg cartons over ordering them from a supplier!

Image shows a large stack of cardboard egg cartons with the text "21 Uses for Egg Cartons"

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