How To Remove Grease Stains From Clothing


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Now, I’m not very good at stain removal, and in the past, whenever I ran into grease stains on my clothes, I just figured they were goners.

But see, having a baby in my arms (nearly) all the time makes me clumsy.

Take a few days ago for instance. I reached up for the butter dish, which was on top of the microwave (which is on top of the refrigerator). I couldn’t see it up there of course, and didn’t realize that the butter had melted …until, that is, I had spilled it all over my favorite pair of capris.

Noooo! I had spent the entire last trimester of my pregnancy looking forward to being able to wear those again.

I couldn’t just send them to the trash can. Not when I have such a hard time finding clothing that I love.

I guess that was the motivator I needed to find a remedy for grease stains – and one that worked.

Thanks to Swagbucks search engine, I found one.

Dawn dish detergent. Not really surprising is it? I mean, after all, dish detergent is made specifically for cutting through grease.

So anyway, here’s the method.

Photo shows a bottle of Dawn liquid soap on a pair of shorts

How To Remove Grease Stains From Clothing

  1. First, and most importantly, do not wash grease-stained clothing with hot water. Hot water will “set” the stain.
  2. Pour several drops of Dawn original formula dish detergent over stained area, and rub it in really well.
  3. Next, wash the garment in cold water. I washed mine with other clothing, just like I normally would.

Voila! No stains!

I read that if there are still traces of stain after rubbing Dawn into it, do the same with hair conditioner. I haven’t needed to use that step yet (fortunately), so I can’t personally vouch for how well it works.

That’s it! Stain gone, and now I can wear my capris again.

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