How Frugal Living Can Help You Determine Your Aim In Life


This is a guest post written by James Smith.

In the US and a significant part of the Western world, we equate financial wellbeing with joy; despite the fact that our own experience from time to time gives us motivation to trust that the old saying “you can’t purchase happiness” is nothing but genuine.

We guarantee ourselves that if we just get a raise or improve work or win the lottery, the greater part of the anxiety of everyday life will vanish and we’ll have time for those things in life we truly appreciate.

Frugal Living With Purpose

This would be valid, at least partially, if making more money permitted us to have more cash in the bank. Then again, every raise in pay likewise raises our longing to spend, so progress at work can really put us more into debt.

What number of individuals do we know who acquire over $100,000 a year but are still living paycheck to paycheck? What number of lottery winners wind up in chapter 11 court, pondering where all the cash went and how they figured out how to make such an obfuscate of this bonus that ought to have set them up for a lifetime of monetary security?

An alternative to spending as much or more than you make each month is to live economically, eat food to survive, don’t waste it, wear good clothes, but don’t be extravagant, buy the car you need, not the one you want – and it’s invigorating to see the expansion in enthusiasm for the deliberate simplicity move.

Being deliberately frugal can really present to you the budgetary security that a lucrative occupation can’t. Truth be told, in the event that you go above and beyond to deliberate poverty, as I have, you might have the capacity to leave that place of employment and really accomplish something that could truly make you feel satisfied.


The one frugal living tip that has the greatest effect is to just monitor all that you spend for no less than a month. You likely won’t keep it up for any longer than that, however it will give you a thought of where your cash is going, and regardless of whether the cash you spend on everything is truly giving you the fulfillment you’re paying for.

Then again, simply following along won’t offer much assistance while dreaming of another lifestyle that would truly give you joy or satisfaction. Saving cash for its own particular purpose feels like a penance, however saving cash so you can resign early and begin that little ranch you’ve always wanted would be an objective worth working for. Making that objective might take some genuine soul searching and numerous profound discussions with your family.

Most people nowadays complain of not having the time they need to do something they really want; a lot of people also don’t know what exactly they want in life until they’re past their prime age. Frugal living can truly help you find what you want in life, since it leaves you independent of financial insecurities.

You won’t be chained to debts and mortgages. Financial freedom will indeed free your mind of a significant amount of stresses that all of us are experiencing today.

James Smith is an avid prepper and a homesteader. He loves to write about prepping and natural living. Follow his on twitter @JamesSmith1609

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