Five Things We Loved In May


It’s the simple things in life, right? A good book, a lovely breeze, Sunshine after a week of rain.. the list could go on and on. Those are the kinds of things that make your day. Those are the kinds of things I’m learning to appreciate more and more. Little moments. More importantly, paying attention to little moments ya know, so that I notice them. 

Nobody wants to look back only to realize that they weren’t really “there” when they were there after all. It’s hard though, when you’ve got two kids who are mom, this and Mom, thatting all the time. You start to become desensitized to the “little” things going on around you. 

Can I challenge you with something? Make the little things, the big things. Focus on hearing the little voices above the noise of the dishwasher. Make responding to them more urgent than getting a boiling-over pot of spaghetti off the stove, and include you children in your work. 

This has been a huge challenge for me. I tend to focus on efficiently getting things done. It’s a hard habit to break. I’ve literally been known to grind my teeth while letting Garrett slowly rinse the dishes. 

But then he shouts “Thanks for helpin’ mom!” as he hops down from his chair, and it just makes my day! 

Okay, so all of that doesn’t really have anything to do with the things we loved (more or less) as a family, except that they’re all pretty little things. No big ticket items. Just things that we have greatly enjoyed over the last month or so. 🙂

Five Things We Loved In May

Mega blocks

Things We Loved In May: these mega blocks!

I thought there was something wrong with my kids. Or at least, with Garrett. My childhood is filled with memories of playing with legos. My older brother was a lego fanatic. But Garrett had no interest. He’d fiddle with legos or Duplos for a minute, and then go find something else.

I finally decided to try Megablocks, and oh boy did we hit the jackpot! I guess Duplos are just a little bit too sophisticated for him at this stage of life. 

He builds towers, he builds forts, tanks, and even people. I’m so happy to see him engaging in imaginative play with these Megablocks! I mean really, if you can stack three blocks together and see a person, you’re good.

Pastured Pork

Things We Loved In May: pastured pork!

We ran out of pastured pork before we moved to TN, and just now got our first Texas-raised hog back from the butcher. YAY! I can feel better about eating pork again! Also, this particular butcher has an awesome kielbasa recipe. Oh, yeah! Breakfast, here I come!

Star Of Light

Things We Loved In May: Star of Light book

I have wonderful memories of reading Star Of Light as a family during my childhood, and now, we’re reading it aloud in our little family. It’s such a beautiful story of redemption.

A friend told me recently that you can only find abridged copies of this book now, and that makes me so sad! I have no idea what they may have cut from the book, but if you can find the original, unabridged edition, I highly recommend it!

Zucchini bread

gluten free zucchini bread recipe

Zucchini is so prolific in the summer, you could almost call it a weed! 🙂 So summertime is the perfect time for a zucchini bread addiction, no? 

I’ve struggled with making good gluten-free zucchini bread in the past though. It can be dry, crumbly – yuck! So I’m super happy that I’ve finally found a really, amazingly good recipe! It. Is. Amazing! If you love zucchini bread, you’ve gotta try it!


I’ve been working with some folks through Fiverr, getting some covers designed, and formatting done for an eBook I’m super excited about (and which is coming out in just over a week!) and have been totally amazed by how efficient, and easy to work with they have all been. I can’t wait until we finally get it all put together and ready for download. Eeek! This is so exciting! If you have any interest at all in lowering your grocery bill, you’ll definitely be well served by checking into this new eBook, so stay tuned next Saturday!

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