Weekend Wrap-up – We Went To Seaworld!


One of our big goals this year has been to do more fun things as a family, and a part of me can’t believe we’re actually doing them. It’s so fun having kids who are old enough to take on family trips and have them actually have them enjoy it.

This weekend, we visited SeaWorld San Antonio, and had a blast! I knew the kids would like the animals and animal shows, but I wasn’t sure how they’d like the roller coasters.

Trip to SeaWorld

I shouldn’t have worried. We started small with the carousel, then moved on to the Shamu kiddie coaster, which they loved. Then we road the Journey To Atlantis, on which I freaked out, and the kids had a blast. Where did these roller coaster loving nuts come from?!

After completely wearing the kids out at SeaWorld, we drove up to my husband’s sister’s little farm, where the kids had another blast playing with goats and petting the horse. We’ve really missed having goats the last year and a half!


Favorite Tip

Keep separate butter dishes for those who are allergic to wheat. When you have a “blended family” keeping things allergy-friendly can be super hard. One of the worst offenders is the butter dish. No matter how hard you try, it gets crumbs from wheat bread in it, so have a second dish designated for wheat-free use. Read More ways to prevent cross-contamination here.

Most Popular Facebook Post

Book I’m excited to read

My mother-in-law gave me a copy of Raising Grateful Kids in An Entitled World for my birthday last week. I love reading Kristen’s blog, and how full of wisdom she is. One of the book reviews says “this is not a book, it’s a sermon” so it must be good. 😉


I can’t wait to dig in!

Recipes And Meals We Loved This Week

Grain-Free Poppyseed Muffins


They didn’t photograph very well, but YUM!

Black Bean Brownies

black bean brownie recipe

They may sound gross, but they’re actually quite good. Though Hadassah picked the raspberries off before even touching the chocolate. 😛 I made mine with maple syrup in place of sugar to keep them healthy. Find the recipe here.

Noteworthy Kid Quote

“Mom, aunt Rachel doesn’t have bowhead whales, only goats”.

What’s the obsession with bowhead whales anyway?

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