Project Fit Pregnancy: Week 19


Project Fit Pregnancy: pregnancy workouts

As you may have noticed, there was no post yesterday. Oooops!

Gabriel and I have been planning to go visit his patents sometime before Spring, and he finally decided to do it. So we spent yesterday on the road with no Internet access.

Being here in Texas means I’m finally taking a “de-load” week. Most lifting programs call for de-loading every 4-6 weeks or so, and its been a lot longer than that for me, so I was planning to do it whether we took the trip or not.

Because we’re away with no access to gym equipment however, it’ll probably end up being more of a no-load week than de-load.

Next week, I may start back with the Stronglifts 5×5 program. It’s one I haven’t used before, and my sister and husband are both using it right now, so I might as well join the party, right?

Workout breakdown from last week:

Bench press
Military press
Jump squats
Kettlebell swings

Barbell squat
Stiff legged deadlift
Kettlebell deadlift
Kettlebell swing
Butt kickers

Bench press
Lat pull down

Kettlebell swing

My plans for doing more cardio this week were foiled by garden work. Hey real work counts as work too! We did quite a bit of shoveling, turning, wheel-barrowing (Garrett’s favorite), and even a bit of planting.

As you can see above, Saturdays workout was pretty lame. I was just really wiped out that day. Pregnancy definitely takes its toll on energy levels – even apparently at a relatively early stage.

Something I learned this week is that dips are not as easy as one might think. I managed to crank out somewhere between 5 and 10, but they were nowhere near the full range of motion. Dips use many of the same muscles that a bench press does, so if you have a puny bench press (like I do), its not surprising that they’d be really difficult I guess.

Amazingly, that’s all I have to say. Just a short post. No tirade on exercises I think everybody should do.

And with that I’ll just add a request that if you’ve been working out, or exercising, please leave a comment – I’d love to hear about it. If you’ve written a blog post about it, feel free to leave a link the the comment body.


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