Gifts For The Manly Man


Is it just me, or are men difficult to find good gifts for? Guys probably say the same thing about women, though.

I’m pretty sure small tools don’t fit the bill – for the same reason, I don’t really want paring knives for Christmas. So, with the help of my manly man-husband, I’ve been compiling a list. Wanna see it? Maybe it’ll give you some good ideas too!

Some of the gifts are frugal or DIY, others… not so much.

So, starting with the one, Gabriel actually asked for (for his birthday, mind you – which just happens to be on Christmas day) :

Image shows an advertisement for "convict conditioning"

Image shows a skinning knife and case

  • Skinning Knife From what I hear (from my brothers), this is pretty much the best tool ever for field dressing, and if your manly man likes to hunt, this knife might be a good way to secure his undying gratitude – not that you don’t already have it but… I’m just saying.
  • Heavy Bag. I actually got a heavy bag repair kit for one of Gabriel’s gifts a couple of years ago. Ha!
  • Straight Blade Razor. Because shaving with a modern razor is for sissies (or so I’ve heard…)

Gifts of experience:

  • Martial Arts Class. This is another one my husband would really love.
  • Crossfit class. Crossfit is expensive, which means that many guys would feel bad spending so much money on themselves, but they would love it if you got it for them!
  • Wilderness survival class. I don’t know any adventurous guy who wouldn’t think that was cool!

Homemade Gifts:

  • Manly soap. Coffee, patchouli, bay rum, spicy scents, etc.

Image shows a book safe to hide valuables in

  • A Book safe. These things are pretty cool, and here’s a great tutorial that tells you how to make one!
  • A Personalized, engraved leather belt. These instructions are pretty good!
  • Beef jerky. Ever heard of a guy who doesn’t like jerky? Yeah, me, either. Here’s a recipe for making beef jerky in your oven.
  • Caramel corn. Who doesn’t love caramel corn?!

Did I miss anything?

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  1. Unfortunately I can’t buy through your affiliate link as I’m in Canada but I added that knife to my cart for my husband for Christmas! I had JUST been thinking I should get him a knife to go with his cd for Christmas…were not exchanging many presents. But then I didn’t know what knife to get! That one looks great and different than anyone he’s got. Thanks!!

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