Five Ways We Saved Money In April


Finding ways to save money here and there can be hard, and I think we can all use a little inspiration now and then in our lives, so every month this year, I plan to publish some of the things we did to stay within our budget during the previous month. 

five ways we saved money in april

May is here! That means the warm weather is here to stay, right? We’ve had a lot of rain lately, which I’m enjoying a lot because I know that in central Texas, it won’t last long!

Bought ground pork instead of beef. I’m not a huge fan of commercially raised pork but since it’s so much cheaper, and we honestly like the taste and texture over commercially raised beef, we decided to go with pork and save roughly 30%. We also have a hog scheduled to go to the abattoir this month. Woot! I’m looking forward to some pastured pork!

Used milk from our freezer. I’m sure you’ll agree with me that buying milk when you have quite a stockpile of goat milk in your deep freezer is a huge waste of money, but… our freezer is out at the farm. The challenge of course is remembering to actually bring milk home to thaw before we have an emergency I-need-milk-right-for-this-recipe-right-now moment. I’m getting better about it, and haven’t bought milk in several weeks now (go me! lol)

Cooked food in our hotel room. We had to travel for a class Gabriel was taking, and spent four nights in a hotel room. I admit, the kids and I ate at Whataburger for lunch the first day – partly because I wanted to try the famous Texas Whataburger – but other than that, we cooked and reheated simple meals like baked beans, soup, and even hamburgers, in our hotel room with a portable electric burner and sauce pan plus too advantage of scrambled eggs, sausage, and yogurt at the complimentary breakfast – the kids loved that! You can check out lots of other ways to save money on road trips here.

Bought Groceries on Amazon. This isn’t something I normally do, but since I had some swag bucks saved up, I cashed them in for amazon gift cards. It’s really fun to be able to shop for groceries while sitting in my living room!

Bagged up and composted yard clippings. On the one hand, I feel like mowing the lawn is such a waste! You burn up gas mowing grass that could be used to feed animals. But we are turning the clippings into compost, which will feed our garden and therefore us, so it’s not a complete waste. 🙂 

I imagine that the onset of spring and summer will bring lots of new opportunities to save money, and I can’t wait to find them!

How are you saving money this month? 

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  1. I love seeing how other people save money! I never thought of using ground pork instead of ground beef. Does it taste a lot different? My sister-in-law sometimes uses ground chicken since it’s cheaper as well.

  2. Love your suggestion about using pork. Just made my regular meatball recipe with pork instead beef (because it’s all I had in the house) and it was great. Everyone loved it. We just bought 1/2 a pastured pig and it tastes amazing, better than any pork I’ve ever bought.

  3. May is the month I start thinking ahead to Christmas. It’s coming & everyone is looking for a gift. I stock up on clear vases /jars from the thrift shops. we are blessed with great thrift shops in atlanta. Taking my 40% off coupon to michaels I buy bags of rocks. Home Depot in November for paper white narcissus bulbs, a nite around the end of November for planting & I have gifts for co workers, neighbors & friends. Total cost about $25.
    For the children & grandchildren in my life (5) …. A pattern for 18 inch doll clothes will do an wardrobe for her American Girl Doll. Since I had 3 daughters & they were booked for a birthday party every weekend sewing doll clothes became a full time job. Cabbage patch kids were hot then & that pattern got used & reused. But I will tell you that they were some of the most talked about gifts at the party.
    For the boys…. Harder, but I did sew my grandsons flannel bathrobes with a Spider-Man fabric ; added a pocket monogrammed with their initials. Much appreciated & very much used. Added books from the thrift shop with bookplates prited with their names. Of course the last thing my grand kids need is more stuff. So this year for Christmas I paid for their dance & music lessons. But still, gotta have something under that tree!

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