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Fall Gardening: An Easy Way To Save Big


Here in middle TN, and many other parts of the country, it’s high time to get our fall gardens going.

Those of us who haven’t already started our longer season stuff such as cabbage and broccoli will want to either buy some plants, or skip them, but there’s a lot of other stuff that you can grow, and all it takes is scattering a little seed, and periodically sprinkling a little water on it.

The return on that small investment of time and space is pretty amazing. You can get a lot of salads out of a square foot plot of leaf lettuce, or spinach. You can grow a lot of kale and garlic in a very small space as well. And don’t forget peas! Peas love cold weather.

My green lettuce and pea garden from last year

The quality of these easy, home grown greens far surpasses what you’ll find in any grocery store, and how much will you save from your grocery budget by growing them yourself?

By my estimation, spending a dollar or two on a packet of leaf lettuce seed, will yield about as much edible lettuce as you’d spend $15 on in the produce isle – more if you’re diligent about your watering, cutting and weeding.

Speaking of weeding, one of the things I love so much about fall gardening is that the weed growth slows down to the point of being almost non-existent.

So, this time of year, Saving a little money by gardening, is really not very labor intensive at all.

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