The best Baby Gifts – That Are actually Affordable!


You get a baby shower invite, you friend has a baby, or you know a new mom – all of these situations present a problem: You want to get her a good gift. You don’t want to spend a fortune on it, but you want it to be good.

Ya get me? I’ve been in that exact situation a thousand times, I mean, it’s just nice to get something for a new mom – even if there’s no baby shower involved.

Affordable baby gifts that are actually REALLY good! This is a fantastic list! Check out all these great ideas!

And yet, if you got even a moderately priced gift for every new mom you know, you’d quickly go broke – or maybe I just have an uncommon number of friends who have an uncommon number of babies.

Either way, I’m no Michelle Duggar, but between my two children, my numerous nephews and nieces, and the aforementioned friends with large families, and my deal seeking ways, I’ve come with a list that I think you and your mom friend will really like.

I’ve written before about preparing for baby on a budget, but that was focusing on preparing for your baby. This is for someone else.

And by the way, it’s perfectly okay to get a few of these things for yourself too. 😉

Let’s start with one for the mom to be, shall we?

Belly Band 

You moms know how heavy a belly can get when you’re pregnant. A belly band is an amazing way to get some relief! I haven’t used one myself, but several of my friends love them!

Seven Slings

Who knew a baby carrier would be on a list of affordable baby gifts, right?!

I can’t say enough good things about these slings! When I first saw them, I thought the site seemed a little spammy because the thing is, if you have a coupon code, you get the sling for free, just pay shipping. But the shipping you pay more than covers the cost of the actual shipping, so it’s not *really* free. And it’s a GOOD sling. I looked at several conflicting reviews before deciding that it was cheap enough to take a gamble on, both it, and the slings my friends got, are very sturdy, and we’ve used them from the times our babies were tiny infants, all the way up to toddlers.

It’s an amazing sling!

Lightweight, and easy to fold up to stow in your purse or diaper bag.

Securely holds baby in a variety of positions.

Comfortable for mom!

My only complaint about this sling – and pocket slings in general – is that it doesn’t support a tiny baby’s head very well.

I know a lot of mom’s who don’t want to be baby wearers, and I totally respect that, but once the baby comes, they might be surprised at how happy they are to baby wear when they need an extra hand to put dinner on the table, or groceries in their cart. This sling is inexpensive enough to keep on hand just in case!

I promise I won’t be as wordy about the rest of the stuff on this list. 😉

Carseat Canopy

You know the drill. You’ve gotta get your baby to the car, but it’s super cold, or windy, or she is asleep, and the sun between house and car is going to wake her up.

Yeah, not cool. That’s what makes this carseat canopy so great – it protects against gusts of cold, and sunshine, and makes your baby more comfortable!

Nursing Pillow

In all honesty a nursing pillow just wasn’t for me. I wish it was – a pillow would have made things easier – but I’m so long wasted, it would have taken two of them to do me any good. 😛

That said, a nursing pillow is a great gift for moms who plan to nurse, and most of my friends, and even my sisters love them!

Breast Pads

You may want to save these for moms you know really well, because it’s a bit of a personal gift, but man, are breast pads a must for new, nursing moms!

These washable pads are the cutest way to get the done!


All mother’s appreciate the gift of diapers. Let me repeat: ALL MOTHERS!

Paper diapers are always an affordable gift, but If your momma friend is planning to use cloth diapers, she knows how expensive they are!  One of the more affordable brands, and incidentally, my favorite, are Smarti Pants. They’re pocket diapers with microsuede liner that wicks moisture and keeps baby’s bum dry. The pocket also has a double opening to eliminate the need to shake out dirty inserts. You can read about my favorite pocket diapers here.

Quick Tip: SmartiPants sells “seconds” which are about half the price, making them even more affordable! Buying seconds may be somewhat of a risk, and you don’t get to pick the colors, but my experience has been really good – the only defects have been slightly skewed stitching.

Nursing Tanks

I am so thankful to the person who suggested nursing tanks to me! After both of my babies were born, I practically lived in them for at least the first few weeks.

When both you and your baby are new to nursing, you need a little extra coverage when you’re out, and when you’re home in private, the freedom the tank gives you to nurse unhindered.

My favorite tanks we Motherhood, and one from target that appears to have been discontinued. Boo!

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