Image shows an ebook on an iPad titles "Gluten-Free Breakfast Recipes"

Only $2.99!

If you’ve browsed around this site very much, then you probably already know that I’m something of a prolific recipe creator and that breakfast is one of my favorite meals. (I mean, it’s the one meal where everybody’s okay with the main course looking like dessert!)

In this recipe eBook, you’ll find recipes for breakfast both savory and sweet.  From doughnuts that your guests won’t know are gluten-free to slow cooker egg and sausage casseroles.

Don’t you just love the advent of eBooks? They eliminate the need for space, the need to access the internet every time you want to read something or make a recipe, and they’re so much cheaper than traditional books!

I created this eBook in PDF form so that you can have it with you wherever you are. On your computer, your tablet, or even your phone! The problem with Kindle eBooks, as much as I love them, is that you can’t copy it over from one device to the next. That makes good sense, of course, from the author’s standpoint, because you don’t want to enable piracy, but from the perspective of cooking in my own kitchen… sometimes, I have to use my iPod because I have one of the kids doing a school program on my computer, or vice versa. So PDF it is for now.

So when you click the “buy now” button, you’ll be taken straight to checkout, where you can pay via PayPal or credit card and immediately sent a link to download your .pdf eBook.

Your support is appreciated so, so much. Thank you, and Don’t forget to share with your friends!  🙂

Image shows the ebook "Gluten-Free Breakfast Recipes" on an iPad

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