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Hi, My name is Elise,

Six years ago, I defied conventional wisdom and got married with no money. On top of that, I married a guy with celiac disease.

The school of Hard Knocks taught me a lot about making gluten-free food taste good and how to save a ton of money making it. But nobody wants to go through Hard Knocks if they can avoid it, right?

This is the book I wish I’d had when I started out.

Using these methods, I was able to drop the price I was paying for flour alone from $2.50 per pound (an already pretty good price for gluten-free flour) to less than $0.50 per pound! All without sacrificing the quality of the food I was eating. And that’s just one of the savings methods covered in this book!

With Affordable Gluten-Free Living, you’ll learn how to shop smart, specifically for the gluten-free diet, as well as lower your overall grocery spending. This isn’t coupon clipping. This goes way beyond that. It’s not gimmicky, it’s just solid common sense.

Image shows a copy of "Affordable Gluten-Free Living" with text that reads "Discover Smart Strategies for Putting Delicious, Affordable Gluten-Free Food in Your Pantry"

My mission is to help you live within your means without sacrificing the things you love, and following these methods will save you thousands of dollars. A fact which I am so confident about is that I offer a 30-day 110% money-back guarantee!

Because folks, I’ve been there. I’ve seen the price tags, and I want you to know that buying gluten-free groceries doesn’t have to be so scary for your budget.

What’s in the book:

Part 1: 7 Ways to Save on Gluten-free Foods.

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In this part, I teach you how to save up to 90% by shopping smart and mixing – and even grinding – your own flour. We go through which gluten-free products should be staples in your pantry and switch out more expensive items with less expensive ones. I share recipes for two flour mixes which I believe to be the cheapest and the best.

Part 2: Lowering Your Over All Grocery Bill

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In this second part, we cover how to save money on groceries in general – not just grains and flour. We cover everything from how to get the best price for the best products, to how to prepare beans in delicious, easy-to-digest ways.

Part 3: Bonus Material

Image shows a screenshot of the bonus material from my ebook

This is the fun part! Here we talk about everything from how to get your grocery budget down to absolute rock bottom so you can save right now to live large later, smart ways to save money on groceries, how to have the right mindset when approaching a more frugal lifestyle, and perhaps most important of all, gluten-free baking tips.

This is an investment that you won’t regret.

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Learn all the tips and tricks there are for putting    delicious,
affordable gluten-free food in your pantry!

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