Crock Pot Cinnamon Biscuits (Gluten-Free)

These crockpot cinnamon biscuits are perfectly no-fuss, yummy treats!

Try these delicious, gluten-free crock pot cinnamon biscuits for your family. They’re so yummy, your whole family will love them.




  1. Grease the crockpot with butter.
  2. Melt butter on the stovetop and stir vanilla into it. Pour it into a small bowl.
  3. Combine sugar and cinnamon in another small bowl. Roll a walnut sized piece of dough into a biscuit shape. (Note: rolling biscuits out onto a floured surface will incorporate too much flour into your dough making them very dense – thus, the hand rolling method.)
  4. Dip biscuits into melted butter mixture, then into cinnamon sugar mixture. Put in crockpot in a single layer.
  5. Turn crockpot on high for about 2 hours – depending on your crockpot of course.
  6. You can glaze or frost these if want. I ended up making some icing for my icing-fanatic hubby.
  7. Also, The original recipe says to cover the biscuits with a paper towel while they cook to reduce moisture, but I didn’t, and the bicuits didn’t turn out soggy at all.Image shows cinnamon roll biscuits in the crock pot
  8. I’m actually so impressed with the way they cooked up in the crockpot that I’m thinking of making all of our biscuits that way – at least for the rest of the summer. Gabriel will be happy to have biscuits and gravy for breakfast without heating up the oven.
  9. Enjoy!

P.S. This is my favorite crockpot.