Amish Pumpkin Butter Recipe (With Canning Instructions)

amish pumpkin butter recipe

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  1. Stir ingredients together in a 4 quart of larger pan
  2. Heat over low or medium-low heat
  3. Continue cooking until pumpkin butter is thick and deep brown.
  4. Ladle into clean jars and seal

How to can:

  1. Use litmus paper to ensure your pumpkin butter is at a ph of 5.4 or lower before canning
  2. Transfer pumpkin butter to pint or half pint jars (I really like these jars)
  3. Wipe rims to insure there is no debris between rim and lid
  4. Top with flat and ring, and twist lids on fairly tightly
  5. Place into a pressure canner with a canning bottom so that jars are not in direct contact with heat source
  6. Fill pot with you canner’s recommended amount of water (mine is 2 quarts).Make sure that the water is as close to the same temperature as the pear butter as possible – if the butter is hot, use hot water, if the butter is cold, use cold water – to avoid jars breaking
  7. Secure lid, and heat over medium-high heat until steam begins to escape from steam valve
  8. Set your timer for ten minutes and continue to let canner steam
  9. Place pressure weights on the ten pound setting over steam valve
  10. Bring to pressure for 30 minutes
  11. Remove from hear and allow to cool inside canner for an hour or more if possible to avoid jars breaking when they come into contact with cool air
  12. Leave rings on sealed jars at least 24 hours before removing to clean and dry jars for storage
  13. Store in a cool dark place.
  14. Enjoy!