Thanksgiving Leftovers Stuffing and Mashed Potato Waffles


Thanksgiving leftovers overfilling your fridge? Try this recipe for leftover stuffing and mashed potato waffles! The savory, herbaceous aroma served with turkey, salty gravy, and sweet-tart cranberry sauce is to die for!

Try this recipe for leftover stuffing and mashed potato waffles! The savory, herbaceous aroma served with turkey, salty gravy, and sweet-tart cranberry sauce is to die for!

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Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.

It’s starting to feel wintery, we get to put up Christmas decorations, we have fun, pressure-free family time, and above all, we have a feast!

And what do we end up with after the big feast? Leftovers, of course!

I remember when I was pretty young, we would have our big Thanksgiving dinner, and then have turkey sandwiches on the lunch menu for days afterward (I remember it being weeks, but since I was only five or six, I’m going to guess my memory is distorted.).

Thanksgiving leftover waffles for brunch

I happen to love turkey sandwiches, but there were two problems:

  1. Every day for a week gets old for anybody, I don’t care who you are
  2. Turkey isn’t the only leftover Thanksgiving food, we also have piles of mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, and my favorite, stuffing.

It’s time to get creative – especially since my kids don’t share my enthusiasm for stuffing.

I need to dress it up – ironic since stuffing is the dressing.

And oh boy, did we hit the bulls eye with this recipe! The kids ate it right up alongside me.

These waffles are made with savory stuffing and mashed potatoes, topped with turkey, gravy, and sweet-tart cranberry sauce really are to die for.

The Thanksgiving variation of chicken and waffles if you will.

The perfect day-after Thanksgiving brunch when everyone is finally getting hungry again after the feast.

But can we talk about buying the ingredients for our Thanksgiving feast?

It’s a lot groceries to buy, and can be hard on anybody’s budget.

Y’all, I love Ibotta

I was able to use the Ibotta app to save money on a lot of my ingredients, which made making Thanksgiving dinner, already my favorite, that much sweeter.

This recipe uses Thanksgiving leftovers to make a delicious brunch!

I found…

  • $0.25 off any brand of eggs or $1.00 off of Organic Valley eggs (for pie making)
  • $0.25 off any loaf of bread (which I dried and used to make stuffing)
  • $1.50 off any brand Birdseye Veggie Made (I got mashed cauliflower for our low-carbers – yes, some people really do stay on their diet through Thanksgiving. I don’t understand it, but I respect it.)
  • $0.25 off of Jet puffed marshmallows (for our sweet potato casserole)

(All offers were valid as of publish date. Don’t forget to check your app for details as offers change frequently and may not be available in all areas.)

And quite a few other offers we used when we bought snacks for our long road trip up to our family Thanksgiving feast.

Ibotta’s cash back offers are the real deal year round though – not just for Thanksgiving! Download the app and start earning today – it’s easy enough that I can do it even with two kids in tow!


Thanksgiving Leftovers Stuffing and Mashed Potato Waffles

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  • 1 cup of leftover stuffing
  • 1 cup leftover mashed potatoes
  • 1 egg, beaten
  • 1/3 cup flour
  • Leftover turkey
  • Leftover gravy
  • Leftover cranberry sauce


  1. Combine stuffing, mashed potatoes, egg and flouringredients for mashed potato and stuffing waffles
  2. Drop on hot, greased waffle iron, about 1/2 cup at a time, and bake until browned and crispy on the edgesputting the stuffing waffles on the waffle iron
  3. Serve with warm turkey, gravy, and cranberry sauceWaffles with Thanksgiving Leftovers
  4. Enjoy!


Adjust amount according to how thick or thin your leftover potatoes are – for super stiff potatoes, you may need just a spoonful of flour. You want your waffle batter to be about as stiff as chocolate chip cookie dough.

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