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Spring Garden Printable for Kids


Looking for a fun way to get your kids interested in nature? This spring garden printable for kids is educational and easy!

One of the things about being a parent – especially being a homeschooling parent – is always looking for ways to get kids interested in learning.

Image shows several printables with text that reads "Spring Printable for Kids"

That’s what this spring garden printable for kids is all about. It’s a hands-on way to get your kids interested and invested in learning about how plants grow.

The combination of checklist, information, journal, and coloring pages with the challenge of growing a plant has been irresistible to my 7-year-old daughter.

As a homesteading sort of family, our kids are always involved in what we’re doing, whether it’s growing plants or animals, but I don’t want them to just go through the motions, learning how to do “what works” without knowing why. Of course, we talk about why we do what we do as they help me plant strawberries, and as we weed our popcorn yet again, but kids learn through fun. 

This little coloring addition to their science binders opens the door for lots of conversations about how plants grow, and why.

Page one: parts of a plant. Look at the page, and talk about each part of the plant and how it helps the plant grow. Roots grow underground and take up nutrients and water from the soil around it to feed the plant. The stem supports the plant and brings water and minerals to other parts. The leaves exchange CO2 for oxygen and photosynthesize chlorophyll. The flowers produce pollen and nectar for bees and other pollinating insects and then produce the seed so the plant can have babies.

Image shows several printable worksheets for kids, with text that reads "Spring Activity for Kids Worksheets"

Page two: What do plants need? Talk about how the soil feeds the plant, the water helps transport the nutrients in the soil to the parts of the plant, and how air and sun also provide essential nutrients.

Page three: The process. Start a plant project together! Find materials for your plant, and go through the checklist. Talk about why you chose the soil you chose, why you buried (or didn’t) the seed in the soil, and go back over why sun and water are important. If your child asks a question, you don’t know the answer to, remember, google is your friend! Working together to find the answer is a great learning experience for your kids!

Pages four and five: My observations. The journaling component of this project helps keep your kids engaged throughout the growing process, helps them remember the information they’ve learned, and helps them sharpen their observational skills. They may learn more from this portion than the others combined!

Page six: Conclude your plant growing experiment by writing quick notes about what they learned and reiterating the parts of the plant.

Pages seven and eight: You don’t have to wait until the end to use these! Any time your child feels like it, he or she can use these coloring sheets to reinforce the growing process. This is part of what makes this science project fun because coloring feels like play time while they’re coloring pages depicting what they just learned.

Click below to download your printable set:

Spring Garden Printable for Kids

Image shows several printables about growing plants for kids

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