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Spring Break Screen Time Rules {Free Printable}


Depending on your school district, Spring break is either here or right around the corner.

Or if you’re a homeschooling family like us, spring break is whenever you say it is. 😉

But regardless of when it happens, it seems like spring break for the most part means having bored kids all week long, asking if they can play video games or watch tv every time you turn around.

Throughout my (short) career as a parent, I’ve used several different tactics for helping the kids earn their screen time, but regardless of the actual rule, it seems like the success of it depended on one thing:

Writing or printing the rules out and hanging them where I can see them.

Image shows a printable screen time sheet

It wasn’t so much for the kids since they’re just now getting to where they’re able to read them, but for me, as much as anyone, because as a busy mom, I forget things.

And also for helping keep my husband and me on the same page. Because we also forget what we’ve talked about and agreed on.

Yeah, we’re those parents.

If this sounds like something you identify with, then I’ve got something for ya!

We’ve created a simple, cute PDF that you can print out and hang on the refrigerator – or wherever else makes the most sense, so you and your kids know exactly when screen time is okay and when it’s not to help cut down on your stress as a parent, and your child’s stress of maybe not quite understanding the rules (or in *some* child’s case – we won’t name names, ahem – not WANTING to understand the rules).

Click Here For the Black Version

Click Here for the Maroon Version

Then hit the print button.

Happy Spring Break!

Image shows a printable Spring Break Screen Time Rules sheet

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