No-Bake Penuche Drop Cookies


Today, ladies and gentlemen, we’re going to boil some butter and brown sugar, and make cookies out of it. Oh yeah, no-bake cookies

I know. Killer combination, right? (pun totally intended). but look, sometimes we want healthy no-bake cookies, sometimes we want chocolate. Other times we want good ‘ol pecans in a buttery brown sugar base.

Image shows delicious no bake cookies on a table with the text "No-Bake Penuche Drop Cookies"

And seriously! Who doesn’t love butter and brown sugar?! It’s like a super sweet match straight from heaven.

These cookies are awesome because they’re basically butter and brown sugar mixed with pecans and oatmeal.

Melt. In. Your. Mouth goodness y’all!

I would brag and tell you that I had a hard time keeping the kiddos from gobbling these up, but truth be told, they’re not good taste testers. They like everything. well, anything sweet that is.

Image shows several cookies on a piece of parchment paper

But I loved them. And in my next batch, I want to substitute some of the oatmeal for shredded coconut and call them “German Chocolate Cake Icing No-Bake Cookies” …or something like that, because that’s totally what they remind me of. And I’m a total sucker for that coconut-pecan icing. Oh my goodness, don’t get me started!

but I feel like a pig eating that by the spoonful, whereas nobody looks at you twice when you eat two or three of these amazing cookies. Total win!

No-Bake Penuche Drop Cookies

Image shows a stack of no-bake cookies on a table

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No-Bake Penuche Drop Cookies

If you’re looking for a simple and delicious cookie, this no-bake recipe is the right one for you!

  • Author: Elise


  • 1/2 cup butter
  • 2 cups light brown sugar
  • 1/2 cup milk
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 3 cups quick oats (uncooked)
  • 3/4 cup chopped nuts


  1. Combine nuts, oats and vanilla extract in a bowl and set aside.
  2. Combine brown sugar, butter, and milk in a saucepan and bring to a boil.
  3. Boil 1 minute (start timing once the boil starts).
  4. Pour over nuts, oats and vanilla extract. Mix.
  5. Drop by teaspoons onto wax paper.
  6. Let cool.
  7. Enjoy!

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  1. The taste was wonderful – but sadly, these did not set up. And I even tried another batch and boiled the sugar/butter/milk combo longer, as I know this affects traditional no-bakes. No dice 🙁

  2. I loved these. I used old fashion oats instead and they tasted great. I did let the mixture boil longer than suggested.

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