My Favorite Trick For Healthy Meals On The Go


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Eating healthy on the road isn't that hard! These Green Giant Fresh Meal Bowls were a staple on our ten-day road trip, and during sports season.

We are finally back home! It was a long, but good ten-and-a-half days of driving and exploring the midwest.

Going to the Crossfit Games (I promise, we didn’t plan the timing of the trip around the Games, it was coincidence, and as a fitness junkie, too good to pass up!), Cave of the Mounds, enjoying the beautiful farmland scenery of eastern Iowa, camping our way up there, and finally, landing in a hotel for three days in Ripon Wisconsin, where Gabe had ongoing education classes for his business.

In the past when we travelled, we would take (or buy) refined carb and calorie dense food with us to snack on – I don’t want to say junk food, because most people would probably consider homemade granola bars healthy. But the problem is, when you’re driving for long periods of time, you eat a lot more than you think you will.

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In the past, when we reached our destination, we went a little crazy with what we ate – kind of like a vacation from eating healthy.

But as we’ve gotten older, so have our stomachs, and we’ve learned that we feel better and have a much better time when we choose our splurges wisely, and keep our healthy meals at a maximum, and if you know me, you know that one of my daily non-negotiables is eating a high volume of vegetables.

Doing that in hotel room with just a microwave can be challenging, but I think we’re getting the hang of it.

Probably the best thing we did this time around was stop by a Super Target on our way to Ripon, and pick up some Green Giant Fresh meal bowls to microwave for our lunches. This awesome new line of fresh vegetable meal bowls comes in a variety of delicious worldwide flavors, and aare 100% vegan.

Green Giant Fresh Meal Bowls at Target

These were awesome as all I had to do was open them up and remove the seasoning packet, microwave for a few minutes, add the packet back, and a can of tuna, or some rotisserie chicken, and for the burrito bowl (my favorite!), some black beans.

Green Giant Fresh Cauliflower Meal Bowl

Boom! A full meal with a healthy serving of vegetables as the main bulk of the bowl is cauliflower – in five minutes!

Green Giant Fresh Chicken Fried Rice

These bowls pack a lot of delicious flavor into rushed meals, and there’s a flavor for everyone in the family – from kids to adults.

These bowls may be a little expensive for every day life, but for traveling and “emergency” on-the-go healthy dinners, they’re perfect! I can totally see using one for dinner on the go when I have to rush out the door to one of the kids’ activities.

Green Giant Cauliflower Burrito Bowl

It’s super handy having a meal that you can microwave right in the bowl and have ready in a matter of minutes. You can read more about Green Giant Fresh Meal Bowls here.

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