How to Make Apple Jelly From Juice

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  • 7 cups of apple juice
  • 2 Tablespoons lemon juice
  • 1 box of Sure Jell fruit pectin
  • 1/2 teaspoon butter (optional)
  • 9 cups sugar (measure out in a separate bowl)
  • 1012 half pint sterile jars, plus lids and rings
  • Waterbacth canner


  1. Combine apple and lemon juices in a large kettle
  2. Stir in pectin until dissolved
  3. Add butter if desired (this helps keep the jelly from foaming as it boils)
  4. Heat kettle over medium heat until it reaches a rolling boil that cannot be stirred down
  5. Add sugar, and stir until sugar is dissolved
  6. Bring back to a rolling boil that cannot be stirred down
  7. Continue boiling for one minute
  8. Remove from heat and skim foam from the top
  9. Ladle jelly into prepared jars and fit with lids and rings
  10. Process in a waterbacth canner for 10 minutes
  11. Once jelly has cooled and sealed, store in a cool, dark place until ready to use
  12. Enjoy!