How to Can Green Beans

simple canning recipe for green beans

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An easy recipe for how to can green beans


  • 3 lbs green beans
  • 4 1/2 teaspoons salt
  • water
  • Pint jars
  • Lids and bands
  • Pressure canning


  1. Wash green beans, snap ends, and cut into desired-sized pieces
  2. Pack into sterilized pint or quart jars
  3. Top each with salt – half teaspoon for pints, full teaspoon for quarts
  4. Fill with water to 1/2 inch of rim
  5. Fit with lids and bands, tightening bands firmly
  6. Place in prepared pressure canner. Follow your canner’s instructions for this. If you have a 16 quart canner like this one, you will likely need to fill with 2 quarts of water, and the rack, as shown in the video above. 
  7. Fit canner with lid, and heat. Let steam for 10 minutes
  8.  Fit with jiggler/rocker, at 10lbs pressure for sea level, and 15lbs pressure for over 1,000 feet above sea level
  9. Process for 30 minutes (pints) to 45 mintues (quarts) once jiggler/rocker starts wobbling
  10. Remove from heat and let cool until canner released pressure on its own. If you must depressurize it, wait as long as possible, and then carefully oven steam valve. If you don’t have time to let jars cool inside the canner, remove carefully, avoiding drafts and potential breakage. I like to cover them with bath towels to insulate against potential drafts. 
  11. After 24 hours, check the seals, recanning, or consuming any that didn’t seal, and store sealed jars out of direct light. You can also remove bands at this point if desired.