Essential Oil Blends For Cleaning


There are pretty much three qualities you want in a cleaner, right?

  1. Remove dirt and/or stains
  2. Kill germs
  3. Smell nice

Let me add a fourth to that: You want it to be non-toxic – or even good for you if that’s possible.

Image shows a purple spray bottle on a table with a rolled up cloth, and three small bottles of essential oils sitting nearby. Text overlay reads "The Best Essential Oil Blends for Cleaning"

Is it possible to find all four?

I think it is possible, and it’s not as hard as you might think.

I spent a lot of time hating natural and homemade cleaners because they just didn’t work. It took me longer to scrub, and my toilets still stunk, so I would go back to using bleach-based cleaners.

The main culprit was one that claimed to be made with essential oils. Talk about a disappointment!

So when a friend posted on Facebook more than a year ago about how she had cleaned all the gross bug goo on the front of her car (you know what I’m talking about, right?) with lemon essential oil, I was less than impressed.

I imagined she just scrubbed the tar out of it so she could brag on her essential oil.

Photo shows a purple spray bottle sitting on a table with a rolled up cloth and three small bottles of essential oil nearby.

I had to give it a try myself…

But then, one day, when I was really frustrated with the stains on my white countertops, I remembered that post, decided it couldn’t hurt to try, and grabbed my bottle of lemon oil.

Now I was impressed. I couldn’t believe it!

From there, I decided that Thieves household cleaner might be worth a try after all. And. It. Was. Pretty sure buying Thieves cleaner was the best money I spent in all of 2015.

But not everybody is into Young Living, and even if you are, let’s be honest, making your own blends is more fun, right? Yes!!!

Theses essential oil blends for cleaning make my 15 minute daily cleaning ritual a whole lot easier!

Here’s the main all-purpose cleaner base we use to add our essential oil blends to:


Essential Oil Blends For Cleaning

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Using essential oils to clean your home is a no-brainer. Here is one of the best go-to options.

  • Author: Elise


  • 3/4 teaspoon borax
  • 2 Tablespoons white vinegar
  • 1 cups hot water
  • 15 drops essential oil


  1. Add borax to the water and stir until dissolved.
  2. Add the vinegar and let cool.
  3. Pour into a spray bottle.
  4. Add essential oil
  5. Screw on lid and shake to combine essential oils with your borax mixture

Did you make this recipe?

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Now, on to the oils!

Essential Oil Blends For Cleaning


  • 1 part lavender
  • 1 part lemon

(this blend is commonly used during seasons of pollen allergy, but I love the way it smells, and each of these oils is antibacterial!)

  • 1 part lavender
  • 1 part lemon
  • 1 part peppermint

Peppermint Lavender

  • 1 part lavender
  • 1 part peppermint

This is one of my favorite essential oil blends for soap making too!

Autumn Spice
(who knew you could make seasonal cleaning blends?!)

  • 1 part cinnamon
  • 1 part clove
  • 1 part orange

Citrus Germ Blaster

  • 1 part tea tree oil
  • 1 part lemon
  • 1 part grapefruit

Using these essential oil blends, I have never had any trouble with my toilets stinking. I guess that’s the power of mixing them yourself and knowing exactly what’s in your cleaner, rather than relying on a label that says essential oils were mixed in – but who knows how much or how long ago.

Besides, you get to make my cleaner smell exactly the way you want it to.

Cool, huh?

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    1. The recipe calls for 15 drops total, so if you use the blend that is 1 part lemon, 1 part lavender, 1 part peppermint, you would use 5 drops of each. if your blend is two types of oils, you’d use 7 drops of 1 and 8 drops of the other, etc.

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  2. You mentioned the LLP for polle season. I use that combination mixed with two cups straight alcohol and it helps me breathe when my nose is all messed up. And it smells amazingly clean.

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